Ibrahim Parlak Granted 90 day extension.


Would you like some great news for Christmas that confirms the power of good people speaking up on behalf of an individual they have not yet met?  Ibrahim Parlak has been granted a 90 day extension to his deportation case. This Christmas, he will be with his family. I would like to personally express my great gratitude and admiration for everyone who shared this story and signed the petition. It worked.


Reform Immigration FOR America's photo.


This man is Ibrahim Parlak, pictured with his daughter. The image doesn’t indicate that he is only 52 years old. He has been a resident in the US since he was 28 years old. Read the story behind the picture at this link: On the eve of Christmas, spend 5 minutes to save a man’s life.



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  1. What a great Christmas gift for Ibrahim and his family!

    Thanks, Wiliam, for keeping us posted.

  2. William,
    I did sign the petition, etc. But, why would he be sent back after all the years he spent here? I don’t get it. I don’t have enough information to figure out why our government would not renew, or allow him to obtain citizenship. Was he a member of the PKK or similar organizations? Are there details our government is withholding from us? Any enlightenment would be most appreciated.
    Hope you have a joyful holiday, and a happy and healthy New Year.

    1. Mike, It is my understanding that the Turks are in the habit of claiming every Kurd is/was in the PKK. The Turks have a poor track record with minorities, just ask any Armenian. The claim of our Government their are differences between Ibrahim’s 2001 citizenship application and his 1991 asylum application, which is something of a joke because when he arrived, Ibrahim didn’t speak a word of English, and the government filled out the application for him. They only really had an issue after we needed favors from the turks to run the Iraq war. Homeland security is an organization that makes the J.Edgar Hoover era FBI seem friendly and harmless.

  3. William i did’nt see the petition before christmas. just saw this article now. read it. Signed the petition anyway. Not sure it will do any good now . Do we need more signatures to keep him here. let me know. i can forward it to my friends if we still need more. stan.

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