Outlook 2016, Corvair College #37 Chino CA, 4/22/16


I have just spoken with Steve Glover, and we have confirmed that CC#37 will be at his hangar in Chino California the weekend of April 22nd. This College will be a full regular College with a sign up that will open in December. This event will be part of our Western tour, ( Outlook 2016, College #36 and Western building tour ).



Grace and Old friend/KR expert/Mr. NVaero.com Steve Glover, photographed at CC #28. He is kind of a prankster; Two weeks before that college I walked into my shop with a neighbor, and caught the end of a phone message where an ominous voice repeated “You can expect trouble in Texas.” My neighbor was worried until I explained that this was just my friend Steve saying he was planning on attending College #28. Steve’s sense of humor and definition of ‘entertainment’ was developed during long service in the Marines.


I selected Steve as the Local host of the college for 3 reasons: He has attended many colleges all the way back to CC #9, He has an excellent facility for the event, right on the Chino airport, and he is a tireless supporter of experimental aviation. He has owned built and flown more than a dozen Experimentals, he owns the rights to the KR series of aircraft, he just started an FAA repair station, and he is now brought the Ellison series of carburetors back to the market. On top of this he has a Corvair/KR-2s under construction and owns a flying Corvair powered 601XL. He is friendly to strangers, patient with beginners, kind to animals, short with trolls, courteous to the civil, and a good friend to those up for his version of ‘tough love’.  He is one of a kind, which is good, because I’m not sure the world is ready for more than one Steve Glover.


I spoke with Dan Weseman, and he is going to fly out to Chino, and work hands on with builders at CC #37. We had 60 builders on hand for CC #34 at the Zenith factory in September, and Dan and I covered the technical instruction between us, and it worked out great. ( CC#34 and the Zenith Open house -2015 -quick notes )  Between our two businesses FlyCorvair and SPA/Panther, we now cover 100% of the needs of every Corvair builder: Revised sources, listed by Group numbers, Aug. ’15 . We have gone to great lengths to streamline and organize the builder support system, and it makes a very large productivity difference at Colleges. #34 was the first College where we had the processes and support well coordinated, and we are just 2 weeks away from #35 in Barnwell SC, where we will further apply this at our largest College, where P.F. Beck and his crew have a highly perfected support setting. I am justifiably expecting a large increase in the learning and productivity. The 2016 Colleges will directly benefit from these improvements in parts availability and organization and coordination of technical support.




A Steve Glover story: Several years ago, I ended up buying an aircraft project in California and storing it in Steve’s hangar. At the same time, Steve bought a KR project in Florida, and it ended up in my hangar. After several months of considering shipping options, Steve and I hatched a serious bet: We would flip a coin, and the winner would pay for the fuel to drive both ways, but the looser had to drive the round trip, obviously towing a plane both ways.  I won, and bought $1,600 in gas. In a very hard core piece of solo truck driving, Steve did the round trip in 6.5 days, including spending 18 hours with us in Florida and making a quick detour to eat dinner in New Orleans.


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    1. Bob,

      Thanks for the copies of your books, Looks like a great collection of information. Notice that there are 18 days between CC#36 and #37, I want to spend that time visiting builders in NM, AZ and NV on the way to California.


  1. When in December? I’d send the $ right now if it would not be rejected. I don’t want to miss this. I plan to come to serve and learn, an investment in an ‘impossible dream’ – Also will you be able to post your itinerary in the SW on the way out? Thanks!

    1. Jackson,
      The reason why we don’t run the sign up from the minute we announce the college is the fact the sign up page and account have a substantial monthly fee associated with running, so we try to let everyone know when the event is for planning, and then run the sign up a little later. As popular as colleges are, we still are not at the point where the sell out in less than 30 days. Right now my target is to have both of the college sign ups go active on Dec. 15th.

  2. William,
    If you have time….two questions

    1) Where and when will you be visiting in Nevada? Near Las Vegas? Can I join in?

    2) What days does the #37 CC start and end? Does it start on Friday? AT 0700? or what ?
    Does it end Sunday night? what time?

    I need to know for my own schedule.

    Bob Helt

  3. William,
    I’d still like to know if I might attend any or your planned stopovers in AZ or NV. Please advise where and when.
    Bob Helt

    1. Friend, I am guessing that you missed this story:


      (Notes on Punctuation and Grammar)

      “If you like the direct honesty of the tone, I will tell you that it comes out at 4am, and if it is fed through the editing process, I am given a few hours to consider how some people will take it wrong, and invariably, it gets diluted or deleted, because when I think about our national obsession with criticizing the work of others or taking offense at things, I often never send things because when you are speaking of subjects like people you loved who’s life ended at 23, it is unpleasant have to consider people who critique it for bad grammar.”

      And maybe you missed my friendly request than every single person who would like to make a comment actually have a real name, not a title like “Generic population unit” Write back with your actual name and you will have my admiration. -ww.

  4. William, Steve, this was a great event! Thanks for holding this college so close to Tucson that was a no-brainer for me to attend – even without an engine core yet. Hope to see you again soon!

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