Schedule 9/13- 9/30 -2015


In a few hours I depart for Corvair College #34 at the Zenith Factory in Mexico MO.


The College runs from noon on the 15 through the end of the day on the 17th. As a late addition, Dan Weseman from SPA/Panther will be flying in to assist builders at the College. ( Please note that this college is at 100% capacity, and does require prior registration to attend.)


I will be staying for the Zenith open house on the 18 and 19th. Zenith welcomes all visitors for their event, we have been there the last eight years in a row, it is a very good time and we will be glad to show people the Corvair installation while we are there. You can read more on the Zenith aircraft factory website.


Next leg is an 1,100 mile direct drive to My Parents house in NJ. I will be spending time with them until the 28th. I will not be able to cover our shop phone from the road, but I can catch up on Email while in NJ. Please include your phone number in any email you send, in case it is easier to answer the question on the phone.


I will be returning to our shop, driving the 1,000 miles back to Florida on 29/30th.  The answering machine will undoubtedly fill up in the first few days I am gone. If anyone chimes in on the internet to say they tried calling but I didn’t answer, so they came to the only logical  conclusion, that I must giving up aviation to run for the White House , please direct them to this schedule note, and suggest they watch less TV.


Do you feel blessed to have good friends? I do. Corvair/Panther builder Paul Salter has a hangar about 500′ from ours. Today he took one look at how much stuff I have packed in the trailer for the trip to CC#34 and noted that the trailer outweighs our Suburban by three or four thousand pounds. He suggested I borrow his Power stroke F-250 for the 3,200 mile trip. In a world where generosity isn’t quite so common anymore, it feels very good to have a friend like Paul. Plus, he gets to tease me for the next year about being the guy who drives a Ford to an event dedicated to teaching people how to build Chevy engines.





Above, a 2014 shot of  the 3,000 cc Corvair built for Zenith builder Thomas Fernandez running on the stand in front of our house. The Christmas Lights are on the trees in front of our porch. Grace likes them all year long. Read the story at this link, It includes a short film:  Night Engine Run, December 20, 2014

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  1. Here in Newfoundland we are next to the ocean and salt is used on the roads in winter. If you listen carefully on a rare calm day you can hear your Ford rusting !! BTW I drive a Ford truck as well.

    Have a safe trip William.


  2. Hey, Did you hear? William is running for president!!!
    Good luck and have a safe trip guys!

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