Corvair College #35, now full, sign up closed


Corvair College #35 at Barnwell SC in November is now full. The sign up has been closed.  For people who missed this, a friendly reminder that This is the 6th consecutive College we have had on the same weekend at the same location. I published the dates 10 months ago, and the sign up went active before Oshkosh. I have reminded readers about the sign up in many stories that appeared here. We do our best to let everyone know in advance.


If you are signed up, you will begin receiving emails about the college shortly. If you are new to colleges, please read them carefully, they have a lot of detailed information.



Above, a picture from Corvair College #31 at Barnwell last year. Tim Hansen sent in this  photo he entitled “Chuck Callahan is a Good Sport about helping with my engine  until 2:30 a.m.”  Yes, builders do work every late at Colleges, particularly Barnwell events. No one is required to work until the middle of the night, but many people do, and there is also the crowd that gets to see each other only once or twice a year that stays up late socializing. The events are productive and fun.




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  1. fun is an understatement! PF Beck and the crew at Barnwell are without a doubt the nicest people you will ever meet. I always get there a day early just to offer a hand and spend a little time with these guys. dan-o

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