Emails and Phone machine are back up.


As of 3:50 am today, we have an active shop phone and email service again. I just finished setting up the new phone and machine after repair crews worked on the lines all day.


While we were in New Jersey, the power pole at the end of our driveway took a lightning strike, which didn’t hurt the house nor hangar, nor get anything related to AC power, but it did burn out everything related to the phone and internet service here. It took ATT several days to get all of it corrected, as it burned the box on the pole, the down lines, the connection at the house, the modem, the internal lines, 3 phones and the answering machine, which died with all the messages it took while we were away.


We do all our internet work over the same lines, so it was not practical to get this message out in the last 48 hours, nor to cover much email.  If you left us a phone message in the last 14 days, please take a moment to  call back or send us the message by email.  Given a few days to catch up, I will be glad to answer all of them.


When sending an email, please remember to include your phone number, and the latest hour it is OK to call you back. Many emails are better answered by phone calls, and I can answer in depth and at length in the evening when things slow down.


Thanks, William

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  1. If you’re leaving a time that William can call you back, please indicate your time zone, or put it in Zulu time. I’m 3 hours away from William out here on the west coast.

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