Looking for Continental O-200 parts: Carb and 6 quart sump



We have a good friend who is getting close to finishing an O-200 powered Vari-eze and he is looking for a Core MA3-10-4894 core carb and a six quart oil sump for an O-200, these are the common Cessna 150 parts. He has been a good friend for almost 2 decades and said told him I would put the word out on our site, to assist him in finding someone  willing to sell these parts. If you have either of these in your hangar, please send me a private note at WilliamTCA@aol.com


Thank you.  -ww.

About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at www.FlyCorvair.com and in more than 50 magazine articles.

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