Corvair College #33, April 17-19th Florida.


We are 4 days from leaving for CC#32 in Texas. We have 75 builders signed up for that event, and it is shaping up to be a very fun, productive event, with many engines making their first run. Even as the attention focus is on #32, College #33 is heavy into prep work.


We hold the spring college in Florida every year, the weekend before the Sun n Fun airshow. After 26 consecutive years at Sun N Fun, I no longer have a commercial presence there, Instead I focus our efforts to work with builders at the spring college. It is a much more rewarding use of my time to make a direct and serious impact on the projects of 60-90 builders at the college rather than spend a week at an “airshow” that has drifted very far away from its origins as a gathering of homebuilders. You can meet several hundred people at a Sun n Fun that will profess to love the idea of building a plane, and be glad to talk about it, but If you see the same people, and they tell you the same thing for 10 years, their actions define them as spectators in homebuilding, looking into the Arena from the outside. Any builder you chooses to make 2015 the year he gets started, signs up for a college, and actually gets his hands dirty learning is making real progress, is no longer a spectator, and is now actually in the Arena.


We had original planned to hold #33 in north east Florida, at Palatka, the location of CC#23. However, the airport has undergone a great increase in use in the last 6 months, and the City hangar we have used for previous events is not available. To address this, we are returning to Leesburg airport in central Florida, to the EAA Chapter 534 hangar, the same location we used for Corvair Colleges #25 and #29. These were very good events, and with a little refining, #33 will be even better. The physical address of the College hangar is 8701 Airport Blvd Suite 103 Leesburg FL 34788. There is all the aircraft parking you will ever need so if you’re flying in have no worries. We also have all of the camping area you would ever want, so if you want to camp it’s no problem. There are no hook-ups but we do have three showers for everyone to use. You can bring in a large RV or a small pup tent, makes no matter. For people planning on motels who would like to get an advanced look, check out the Best Western Leesburg FL (352-253-2378 ) and the Hamton Inn.


We will have more information and the on line sign up active in the next few days.





Above, a group photo from CC#29, a freshly run engine on the test stand as a centerpiece. Get a more in depth look at what to expect from CC#33 at this report: Corvair College #29, Leesburg, FL. – photo report


Above, 2014, Arnold Holmes, (in blue) local host of Corvair College #17, #25, and  #29 and I enjoy the prop blast of a running Curtiss OX-5 engine.  This engine is Ninety-Five years old.



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