William Wynne Sr. Turns 89 today


Today, my Father, the real William Wynne turns 89. To our friends fortunate to still have their fathers present, I feel blessed as you must also. To our friends who’s fathers now live in their hearts, I hope the season brings time to reflect on the men who made us who we are. -ww.





Above, my father’s official USN photo circa 1975.  His service remains the centerpiece of his life’s work. Please take a minute to read: William Edward Wynne Sr. –  Father’s Day Notes; it is a story I wrote about father on his 84th birthday. If you have ever wondered why I am intolerant of police states without human rights like China, the story will be illuminating.


 Sun ‘N Fun 2006,  Here my father and I are in front of a Grumman F8F Bearcat, a serious piece of hardware from my father’s era of Naval aviation. My father entered the U.S. Navy in 1943 and is USNA Class of 1949. He served on active duty for 33 years.


Corvair College #9: From left above,  Bob Cooper , Brent Brown and my Father.  In talking with Bob, my father learned that he was a 1961 veteran of Operation White Star in Laos. Little known outside military circles, White Star is considered the prototype of all unconventional U.S. warfare. The Kennedy administration sent the cream of the crop of America’s most elite warriors there to meet the Pathet Lao communists on their own terms. When my family lived in Thailand 10 years later, my father did extensive work to support the royalist democratic government in Laos. He and Bob had traveled to many of the same places inside Laos. Our friend Brent, who spent most of his 22 1/2 year military career in Special Forces, is probably one of the few people of my age group who have an understanding of the significance of Bob’s actions in White Star.


Corvair College #14: Above, I introduce the real William Wynne, my father.  His career in the mechanical world spans being a Company Commander with ACB-ONE in Korea through Director of Advanced Technology for Raytheon. The single thread that ties all of my father’s experience together is an absolute allegiance to quality control. Seven and 1/2 years of my father’s 33 year U.S. Navy career were spent working directly under Admiral Hyman Rickover, The Father Of The Nuclear Navy. Rickover’s career spanned the impossibly long 1918-1982. Widely misunderstood as an all-powerful tyrant who was apparently immortal, my father states that Rickover is easily understood when viewed as the ultimate proponent of quality who was willing to accept nothing short of perfection to ensure the dominance of the U.S. Navy in the Cold War.


My Parents at the Naval Academy in 1949: The above photo is of my parents when they were first engaged. They have now been married for 64 years, and remain the light of each other’s lives.




For a more in depth look at my Father’s world, follow these links:


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11 Replies to “William Wynne Sr. Turns 89 today”

  1. Hi William.

    I too still have my parents. My father also a Navy man. I have the same appreciation for him that you have for your father, and I guess they have a lot in common. I always enjoy your articles, both the technical and the more philosophical. I think I enjoy the philisophy more these days.

    Hope all is well with you, Grace, and Scooby.

    All the best for the holidays, Gordon

  2. Dear William.

    Thank you for taking the time to post the items that you do.

    I look forward to reading your comments and I find your thought process and perspectives to be compelling and interesting.

    Very rare these days to read someone with an actual belief system!

    This system I believe occurred for you in no small part because of your fathers example and guidance throughout your life.

    What I respect about you is that you celebrate his acomplishments without the feeling that you had to match them verbatim. You honor him by being your own man.

    As a father of three sons, my greatest wish for them is that they find a path of happiness in their life.

    In this regard and based on the reading of your posts, your father accomplished a lot when it comes to you. You seem genuinely happy at what you do in life!


    P.S. Keep up the great work stressing excellence in home building. There are always hardheads that will never get it. But as for me, Your posts on quality make a difference in my building practices.

  3. My father also served in the Navy. He was with the amphibious forces that fought in World War II. Certainly I reflect on him often, he was the most honorable, moral man I have ever known. Thanks for sharing your posts.

  4. Hi William- I had the privilege of working with a William (Bill) E. Wynne who I believe was your dad when I worked with the Department of Energy in Chicago and he was with Raytheon E&C in the WTC. I always remember him and my trips to the WTC on every Sept. 11th anniversary. I hope this message finds you both well!

    Melissa M. Stubbs

  5. A great read for today. I had that very business card when I worked with him on the close out of the Heavy Water Reactor project. I remember him being the epitome of a true gentleman; intelligent, incredibly nice and very modest about his heroic past. Please pass along my well wishes to your father. I’m truly grateful I came across your blog of wonderful memories. Here’s to many more!

  6. Hi Billy Wynne from your former Woodrift Lane neighbors!

    Just came across Dads pix by chance —- how are mom & dad these days?? And you and Allison as we’ll tell us how we can get in touch &. And where are they now – let us hear from you !!!

    1. Iris and Dick, Sorry for this bad news, but my father passed away on 2/12/17. I spoke to mom last night, and told her of your note, she would very much like to speak with you. Please contact me at my email address: WilliamTCA@aol.com with your contact information, I will put you right in touch with mom. Thank you Bill Jr.

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