passes 750,000 page reads.


Yesterday, this site, which has been running for 36 months, passed 750,000 page reads. While this isn’t giant, it is a good indication of the popularity of the Corvair and our work with it, and a sign that this can be a trusted source of information, insight and maybe a little humor..


It is interesting to look at the growth in traffic: At the end of 12 months we had 124,500 page reads; the next 12 months was 233,800 and the last 12 months have been 392,250. That is a solid trend in the right direction to assure new builders they are joining a growing movement.


Right now there are 630 published stories on this site. I have another 154 drafts on a variety of  aviation subjects. I am always open to suggestions on topics. For a categorized look at 30% of the published stories look at this:  200 Stories of aircraft building




Blast from the past, Corvair College #9, November 2005

“Above, I stand with Pat Green of Jacksonville, Fla. Pat started his plane in 1967, and first flew it in 1977. Since then he’s logged about a thousand hours in it. Again, the Golden Rule in action. In my hand I’m holding a photo of Pat and I standing in exactly the same positions in my old hangar eight years earlier (1997). We had a laugh, because I pointed out Pat was wearing the same hat, and he commented that it looked like I was wearing the same shirt. Pat is good company, and a sharp observer of human behavior. When he talks, I listen because he’s a man of many experiences in life. Among them is having known Bernard Pietenpol personally.”



2 Replies to “ passes 750,000 page reads.”

  1. Great success William!! Congrats. I said before, I don’t know where you find the time but please keep the info and stories coming.


  2. My little video of the Corvair College in Barnwell has received ~500 hits in the month that it has been on You Tube. Seems there is a lot of interest in Corvair power lately. Not only is it economical to build … it is a stout and reliable engine that cools very well and makes good, reliable power.

    I trust that we all are helping to get the word out about just how good the Corvair engine is when properly converted and maintained.

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