Our main site will be back up in 12 hours:



I had several calls today mentioning having difficulty accessing our main site, Flycorvair.com today. Having just spent a joyful afternoon on the phone with host and domain people, I am assured that it will be back in action in 12 hours.




 Above, Bernard Pietenpol, first man ever to fly a Corvair, stands in front of his own Corvair powered Aircamper. His lifetime did not overlap the existence of the Internet, and I can say with some certainty, his life was not diminished by missing it. If he could come back for a few hours for a look at the world today, he might happily return to his own times. Tonight I go out to the shop to put in an hour on my own simple plane which will allow me to follow Mr Pietenpol to a simpler place that will always be right where he left it for us on the last day he went flying. -ww.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! If the internet every outlives its convenience, it will be nipples up.

  2. William, I suspect that if Bernard did come back for a few hours and saw how you’ve built on his work, he would spend some of his time seeking you out to say ‘very well done’.

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