750 Mount 4201(B) for sale, Story by Scoob E

Hello Builders!

Scoob E here with my own story about a 750 motor mount ready to ship.


se0836dad26-19Yesterday I was hanging out on a lawn chair thinking about writing a story for the family blog. Funny how the words Blog and Dog should rhyme but really don’t. English isn’t my primary language. I much prefer tonal languages like barking or my native Italian.



Sunset on my back porch, a little slice of heaven in rural Florida. On the right, I am looking at two Zenith 601/650 mounts. They are part number 4201-A, you can read about them at Zenith 601/650 Motor mounts, P/N 4201(A). These and several other mounts are already on their way to builders who had them on order.



Now, this one I’m looking at is a Zenith 750 mount, #4201-B.  You can read about it at this link: Zenith 750/Cruiser Mounts. P/N 4201(B). Today we sent out those on order, but we have one more on the back porch ready to go. If you need one, you can order it at this link to the products page: http://www.flycorvair.com/750mount.html. I am not old enough to drive it to the Post Office, but I will go along for the ride when it is sent right out.



Hey, down here! … My favorite Sport Aviation magazines are from the 1960s. That is why they are on the bottom  shelves. Yes, I read that copy of The Nightingale’s Song.  It is an important historical commentary more people should have read. Robert Timberg is a real journalist.



The next story is going to be about the 1100-ww camshaft group. I would write that one too, but it is already past the time I am supposed to get my rawhide chew. Journalism is great and all, but I have my routine to stick with.



Thanks for tuning in to my story! Off to chew rawhide!

Scoob E





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  1. As my dog, Jasper, who was nowhere near a literate and Scoob E., “Arf, arf, arf.”

    Translation: “Good job.”

  2. Scoob E , you better protect that cam gear, you put a nick in it and it might grawl at you. Dan-o

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