Woody Harris and 601XL flying to Copper State


I received an email an hour ago from “our man on the West Coast” Woody Harris, stating that he is leaving Vacaville in Northern CA at first light and flying his 601XL the 750 miles to the Copper State fly-in in AZ.


Woody has a limited number of our new 2014 manuals, a number of Dvds, a great 400+ hour plane to study, and of course a wealth of knowledge on building, flying and good decision making. If you are in the area, take the time to head out and meet him.


Woody in the Grand Teton National Park WY

 Woody flying over Grand Teton.


Doug and Woody in South Dakota

Woody and Doug Dougger over South Dakota.


Woody Harris and Sebastien Heintz in front of Woody's 601 at QSP open house May 5, 2012

 Woody needs little excuse to fly places; Above he is speaking with Sebastien Heintz, president of Zenith Aircraft, at a West Coast Zenith fly in at Quality Sport Planes in Santa Rosa. This facility was the site of Corvair College #11.


Three Zenith Aircraft at the Chicken Strip, Death Valley, CA

From Steve Smiths Website: “Left to right: Woody’s  Zodiac XL, Doug Dugger’s 750, Steve Smith’s Zodiac XL. The Chicken Strip is a dirt/gravel landing strip in the Saline Valley of Death Valley National Park. Lat/long is 36.807,-117.782. This was one of the stops on our trip home from the 2013 Copperstate flyin in Casa Grande AZ.”




For more reading on Woody’s adventures, check out these links:

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In our booth at Oshkosh 2011, I stand with three pilots who flew in their Corvair powered Zeniths. From left to right, Shane McDaniels who flew in a 2,700cc 650 from Missouri, Woody Harris in a 2,850cc  601-XLB from California, and Andy Elliott in a 3,000cc 601-XLB from Arizona. If you would like to be in a future version of this photo, you must willfully decide to advance your dreams.


Above, the 601XL of Woody Harris. It has flown all over the country on a 2,850. Note that Woody is from northern California and the photo above is at Kitty Hawk NC. -ww.


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