Corvair/Sonex for sale, on Barnstormers, (warning)


I received two emails asking about the plane pictured below. It is for sale on Part of the add says “William Wynne engine”. This is not entirely accurate, but I don’t think it was done with ill intent. The plane is simply being sold by a friend of the builder who passed from this earth, and he is just offering a general description.



A more accurate description would be to say that it has a “William Wynne style conversion.” I did not build the engine, nor did we see it run at a college, but it was made with our parts, and it does have a Dan bearing on it. I am pretty sure Dan supplied many of the installation components. Note that the pictures are of two nearly identical yellow airframes. One with a VW the other a Corvair. The picture above is the VW one, the Corvair looks just like it but has a spinner. For a complete overview of the Corvair/Sonex combination, please click on this link:

Corvair Power for Panther and Sonex reference page


The plane is located in Eastern Georgia. The builder was a very experienced homebuilder, but I have never seen this plane in person. If someone wanted to look into buying this plane, I would highly suggest calling Dan Weseman for more input. On the surface, it seems like a very good beining point, that might need a through going over and a new cowl from Dan.  If is a much better starting point than any of the Corvair/Sonexes that have rear starters and mounts that were not made by Dan.


While the plane above seems well worth looking at, I would like to warn potential Corvair people to Avoid something else I saw on Barnstormers:


SONEX CORVAIR MOTOR MOUNT • $850 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE Engine Mount to install Corvair engine to Sonex airframes.   TD version – black  with hardware  • Contact- AZALEA AVIATION LLC, Owner – located Valdosta, GA USA • Telephone: 229-834-899 . 220-242-306 . • Posted February 6, 2014


Above is the latest incarnation of the now Bankrupt “Aeromax LLC” and just like last time, this is again run by Bill Clapp. I highly suggest that no one buy anything from him. I left a long post about him on the Zenith Matronics site, there are also many other ones on  Mark Langford’s CorvairCraft list, and the factory Zenith list. You can contact many People such as Pat Panzera from Contact! magazine or Rick Lindstrom from kitplanes to get their input. Make up your own mind, but there will invariably be people who get taken by this, just the way that Aeromax took people in 2009-before going bankrupt in 2011. Don’t be one of them.

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  1. William,

    Just a note on the Cleanex on Barnstormers …

    I’m not certain that it doesn’t have the correct cowling for the Corvair. If you search under Sonex you will find this seller has two aircraft that look almost identical, one with an Aerovee and another with a Corvair. I think it’s possible that the photos of the two aircraft were posted incorrectly. Here is a photo from the other add:

    (In fact you can see both aircraft in this photo).

    Hope this helps,

    Dale Williams
    Myunn- Daughter of Cleanex

    1. Dale,
      Another guy also brought it to my attention, and I corrected the first copy of the story this morning. It would be nice to see this aircraft cleaned up and added to the active fleet.

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