Corvair College #29, March 28-30, FL. , sign-up open


Ken Pavlou just e-mailed me the link below, the sign up for Corvair College #29, it is now live and on line, builders may sign up at any time. I suggest making a plan right away, because we are only effectively seven weeks away. Time to make a plan now.


Click on this:


The College is free, but the sign up has a $79 per person fee, 100% of which goes to our local host Arnold Holmes, who will be providing the facility, food and drinks. For much more information, please click on this story:

CorvairCollege #29, March 28-30, Leesburg FL.


If you have not been to a College before and would like to tap into the mother load of all the information on everything to do with colleges, please click on this link:

Corvair College reference page


A GREAT MOMENT FROM CC#17: Steve Sims of the Florida Panhandle assumes the famed “Superman Position.”  This is where you lie prone on the bed rail of the pickup truck the run stand is bolted to, and “Fly” behind your Corvair engine running for the first time. CC#17 was the first College Arnold Holmes hosted. He runs great events. Steve’s plane, a 601HDS, is now flying with this engine he built. I am planning on having him fly it back to CC#29, but I insist that he do it from inside the cockpit. We have fun at Colleges, but there is also a lot of serious learning and progress. Don’t miss it.



Photo taken January 25th in our backyard in Florida: The illustrious Ken Pavlou is on the left, Grace in the middle and Peter Shean.  Ken and Peter are both 601XL builders with 95% complete airframes and first class 2700cc Corvairs for them. Ken runs all the on-line registration for all the Colleges out of his home in CT.

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