Parts List, Pt #2, Example: Zenith 750


OK, lets look at an example. I am just calling this a 750, but in reality it is also a potential Panther, Waiex or Cleanex engine also. What I am getting at; this is a big bore engine (3,000 cc) with a Heavy Duty Group 2800 oil system. The Conversion parts going into the engine are highlighted in blue in the chart below.


Above, Greg Crouchley and I stand with his 3,000 cc engine in my hangar, after it’s break in run. Note the reverse oil filter housing. We do not install the HD oil system for the test run because we want to have the oil temp come up early. The engine is now in Greg’s Waiex.


We have written stories about engines like this. For 750s look at: 3,000cc Engine Running for a Panther look at:Panther Prototype Engine 3,000 cc/120 hp to OSH and for a Waiex look at:World’s Strongest 3,000cc Corvair, built by Greg Crouchley. Between the there engines above, the only difference in the Conversion parts sets is that the Waiex uses a 2601(R) Reverse Gold oil filter housing instead of a standard one.


Note that the Conversion parts set doesn’t change with either a GM or a Weseman Billet Crank, or even if the engine has a Gen 1 or a Gen 2 bearing. Listed below are the conversion parts that a common to all 3,000 cc engine with Heavy Duty oil cooling systems. Each engine still has some custom choices in the rebuild parts that each builder can make. Below the part number we have some discussion and a look at budget totals. In part #3 of this series we will look at a 2,700 engine with a standard oil system.




Part description         Part Number              Pricing          Notes

Drive end

Hybrid Studs                2502                              $79

Safety Shaft                    2503                              $79

Short Gold Hub            2501(B)                       $579 

Front Starter kit          2400                             $566  

Ft Alter. Brackets         2901                              $99

Oil Systems

Gold Oil Filter housing   2601(S)                  $239 

Gold Sandwich                 2802                        $169 

Hi-volume Oil case          2000HV                   $289 

Billet Oil Pan                      2201(B)                    $289 

Deep oil pick up kit         2202(A)                     $59


E/P Distributor                  3301E/P                   $349 

External items

Valve Covers                       1900PC                    $149

Pushrod tubes                    1602PC                     $60

Piston, Rod, Cyl. Kits

2,850 cc Kit                           2850CC                 $1,800   

3,000  cc kit                          3000CC                 $2,200 


In the front end category, I left out the 2901 front alternator brackets because many of these engines going in 750s and all of the ones going in Panthers use the Weseman’s rear alternator bracket, which is Group number 2950 in my numbering system ( but you get these direct from Dan and Rachel).


In the oil systems, The Heavy Duty system uses all the parts listed. Additionally many people use a block off plate part number 2805 it is $20. The Welded pans are slightly lighter and $40 less expensive, but on 3,000 cc Corvairs the Gold Billet Pans out sell them 5 to 1.


Every Flying 3,000 cc Corvair I can think of has an E/P style distributor. Only a few of them, like the Panther prototype are E/P-X models, a $40 upgrade. Almost all builders use our Valve Covers. They look good, but they have important mechanical features like being able to see TDC on the engine by removing the oil cap and looking at the #1 rocker arm instead of pulling a plug out. Zenith installations must also have the oil fill in the valve cover.( the stock filler neck hits the cowling.)


The price of the 3,000 cc Kit includes the machine work to the case and heads to fit the larger cylinders. The 3,000 cc pistons are specifically designed and made for Corvair flight engines. They work with both 100LL and auto fuel.


Price totals:


If you add up all the parts above, except for the 3,000 cc kit, you are looking at $2,906. If you add the 3,000 cc kit, you are up to $5,106. Make the distributor an X model, add the block off plate and the total is $5,166. Keep in mind that most builders buy the components slowly over time, but I have the total here because we have lately had a number of requests for a total price from people who wish to buy the parts at one time.


Obviously this isn’t the total price for a 120 HP /3,000 cc engine. This number does reflect the Conversion parts cost, and a big part of the internal engine parts. The list above is the part of the budget that builders spend with us on their project. As I have pointed out many times, we try not to resell anything we can simply direct builders to acquire for themselves, such as the Weseman parts and Falcon heads.


There are a lot of different options on building the rest of the engine, and if you would like to look at them, read this link,Getting Started Reference page. Specifically look at the links to parts #5 through #9 at the bottom, it gives every specific examples of the cost of different levels of bottom ends on the Corvair. -ww.

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