Engine conversion parts list, Part #1


Below is a table listing the most common parts we offer. They are easier to see at a glance in this format compared to studying our catalog in depth. In part two of this series, I will give several typical examples based on popular airframes.


If you would like to get a very detail look at how each of these parts fits in our numbering system, click on this link: http://www.flycorvair.com/products.html.


Note: The first two digits of the part numbers are the group number in which the full description of the part can be found. ie, Hybrid studs, 2502 are in The Hub Group (2500).


At the very bottom are  numbered notes that address the right hand column.



Part description         Part Number              Pricing          Notes

Drive end

Hybrid Studs                2502                              $79

Safety Shaft                    2503                              $79

Short Gold Hub            2501(B)                       $579               (1)

Front Starter kit          2400                             $566              (2)

Ft Alter. Brackets         2901                              $99

Oil Systems

Gold Oil Filter housing   2601(S)                  $239               (3)

Gold Sandwich                 2802                        $169              (4)

Hi-volume Oil case          2000HV                   $289            (5)

Billet Oil Pan                      2201(B)                    $289            (6)

Deep oil pick up kit         2202(A)                     $59


E/P Distributor                  3301E/P                   $349            (7)

External items

Valve Covers                       1900PC                    $149              (8)

Pushrod tubes                    1602PC                     $60               (9)

Piston, Rod, Cyl. Kits

2,850 cc Kit                           2850CC                 $1,800          (10)

3,000  cc kit                          3000CC                 $2,200          (11)


(1) This is the hub used with a 5th bearing. 2501(A) is for no 5th bearing

(2) Front starter kit includes the 2401 starter, the 2402 brackets, the 2403 tail bracket, 2405 top cover, 2406 gasket and the 2407  hardware. We are glad to sell it as a kit or by the part, the kit is slightly less expensive.

(3) this is the standard part. For a reverse model (Sonex-Waiex) the part number is 2601(R). The part can be seen at: http://www.flycorvair.com/goldoilsystem.html

(4) This is for HD oil cooling systems. See the above link for more info.

(5) This part number is for the remanufactured rear case with our CNC high volume pump already installed. Includes at parts in the 2000 group. Read more at this link: High Volume Oil Pump

(6) This is the Gold machined part. The welded pan is 2201(W) for $249. It uses the same 2202 pick up kit.

(7) For more info, and the E/P-X option read this link:                                      E/P and E/P-X Ignition systems, (3301E/P and E/P-X)

(8) These are modified with the filler and breather ports, they come in several colors. Read more here: E-mail
Now: Custom Valve Covers Available Through Monday

(9) These are stock GM steel tubes that have been cleaned and powder coated white.

(10) This kit has Remanufactured rods with ARP bolts, Forged dual fuel pistons and new Clark’s full fin cylinders. A look at the parts can be seen here: Complete Engines for Sale

(11) This kit has Remanufactured rods with ARP bolts, Forged dual fuel pistons and new Custom machined, full fin cylinders. Price includes machine work to case and heads. A look at the parts can be seen here: Complete Engines for Sale

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