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A good memory: Standing with my father at Sun n Fun 2006, in front of a piece of hardware from his era of Naval Aviation, an F8F Bearcat. Although Dad’s hat says CVN-65, he joined the USN in an earlier era,  3 July 1943. 


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Grace and I have been collecting stories and grouping them together on the “reference pages.” We are doing this to have the stories that were written individually now grouped together by subject. The location of these reference pages is right on the front of the main page of our traditional website :


If you have not looked at in in a while, about 70% of the subject entries have had their content changed in the last 30 days. Almost all of the headings on the main page are now reference pages. For example, both the Engine Operations reference page and Corvair College reference page that we just put up here yesterday, will also be conveniently accessible on the main page of our other site.


But notice also the Testing and Data Collection reference page I wrote a month ago has been updated and installed on the main page of the other site also.


I would like to draw attention to the Risk Management reference page, I wrote it a week ago, but last night I took some time to update it with some short biographies and pictures of friends. While you are there notice that last nights story Concerned about your potential? was specifically written as an introduction to the risk management page and it has already been installed there.


This last point shows that I can update the reference pages easily, the way I put the story DonPietenpol Passes, 1/8/14 into our existing Corvair – Pietenpol Reference page. I am going to keep updating rhe new stories into the reference pages like this to keep them up to date. Our traditional site will be a lot less dated this way.


A very important act that our friends can do for us is to post the appropriate link on discussion groups when the topic comes up. If you belong to any of the airframe discussion groups, you are aware of how often a new guy will ask a legitimate question on where to get started or ask for more reading on his choice of airframe. I ask that friends post a short direct link to the appropriate reference page. Mind you, the discussion does not have to be focused on Corvairs. There are many stories and useful information for Pietenpol builders using various engines on our page, and last week about 60 of the page reads on the risk management page came from a like that a friend shared on a forum devoted to gyroplanes.


Besides the fact that I think there are direct safety benefits to builders reading the comments, I think it does demonstrate to other members of the experimental aircraft building world that the Corvair movement is made up of traditional home builders who are thinking people. There are benefits to the efforts of all Corvair builders being better appreciated. It attracts a better cross section of builders for next year, and it also tends to discourage the imbeciles who worship stupidity from spending time in our camp, doing some damage and departing. If I gently roll up the welcome mat on the latter group by mocking people who trust ‘luck’ over preparation, and using two syllable words, all of our lives will be a little more sane in the next years to come. -ww

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  1. Its sad most of all the military flying clubs have closed for us not-so-old vets.
    Used to rent Cessna 150 and fly with F-18s in the pattern at Lemoore NAS- no bs !

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