CC#28, last call for motor mounts, etc……


Motor mounts are popular items to pick up at Colleges because they have very expensive shipping, which we can save builders if the pick up the mount in person. While I am chipping away at regular orders now, Vern has available time to come over and weld a few mounts before CC#28. However, we are coming down to the wire on time for this, as the college is about 40 days away. If you need a mount, read the information and order one off our site, we will bring it. If you have other questions, just ask.-ww.


Below, a photo of Vern and I outside my hangar.  100% of all the welded products we sell are done by the two of us. Ask us any question on welding you like, we only have 76 years of personal, first hand, welding experience between us.  If you got into experimental aviation just to buy stuff, then any salesman will do just fine for you. If you got into experimental aviation to learn, develop your own skills and craftsmanship and make things with your own hands, then who you work with really matters. You can’t become and old school homebuilder / motor head by buying things from salesmen. They have nothing to teach you. While I will be very glad to sell you a motor mount, I am very glad to share all the detailed information on how it was made, and the materials and processes. Yes, I sell things, but first and foremost, I am a homebuilder with a mission to share what we have learned.

From our website in 2011: “For the greater part of his years on earth, Vern has been a welder. In the world of experimental aircraft, when a company wants to  sound impressive, they always tout that their welders have “Built race cars.” I welded the frames of lots of NHRA legal dragsters before I was 21, and this experience taught me nothing about aerospace welding. Vern has welded countless race cars together, but that  has nothing to do with why we utilize his skills making Corvair parts. What counts is the little piece of paper on the orange board.”

“If you look closely, it shows that Vern has every aerospace material welding rating in every thickness recognized by his employer, the United States Naval Aviation Depot. In this facility inside NAS Jacksonville, Vern has welded every kind of material that goes into modern combat aircraft. This includes titanium, Hastelloy X and magnesium. While some people can weld this when it is new in a purged box, Vern can weld things like the inside of a jet’s burner can while looking through one bleed hole and feeding the rod through another.”


To learn more about signing up for Corvair College, click on this link:

53 Days until Corvair College #28.


To read about motor mounts and the other parts we make, follow this link to our products page. (motor mounts are near the bottom in the 4200 group):


The notes below in black are the 4200 group numbering system. In with these are the links in color which you can click on to read the full story about the parts:


Motor mounts (4200)

4201(A)- Zenith 601/650 mount, all models

Zenith 601/650 Motor mounts, P/N 4201(A)

4201(B)- Zenith 750/Cruiser mount

Zenith 750/Cruiser Mounts. P/N 4201(B)

Zenith 750 Mount Sale, only 5 avail.

4201(C)- Pietenpol mount, high thrust line

Pietenpol Mount on airframe

Pietenpol Products, Motor mounts, Gear and Instalation Components.

Pietenpol Motor Mounts, P/N 4201(C)

Three Pietenpol Motor Mounts

4201(D)- KR2/2S mount, conventional gear

4201(E)- KR2/2S mount, tricycle gear

4201(F)- Custom mounts

4202- Tray and spools

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