53 Days until Corvair College #28.


We are closing in on CC#28 in Texas.  Although there is a good chance it will be below zero where you read this today, take heart, it will likely be 40 degrees warmer at CC#28. While it is 53 days, keep in mind I am going to cut the registration off quite a bit earlier than that. We need to get Kevin and Shelley, our local hosts, a hard number so they can do the final prep work provisioning the event. We will have more posts on this, but don’t wait until it is too late. Look at the sign up, make a plan and get your year in aviation started today.

The registration form is live at:




Below are some links to make it very easy to plan your event:

2014 Gratuitous Dog Photo #1, ScoobE in blankets at CC#22, our previous Texas College. “When you only weigh 9 pounds, you don’t have a lot of spare insulation. When it got good and chilly, Scoob E enjoyed a pile of blankets on his chair at the College. “


A good basic goal at a college is getting your case closed. To do this, you must plan in advance. The three groups that you need to cover to close the case are 1000, 1100 and 1200. It also pays to know what 5th bearing you are going to use. Click on these links to read the background:

Getting Started in 2013, part #1, Crankshaft process options.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #2, Group numbering system

Getting Started in 2013, Part #3, The Camshaft Group (1100)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #4, Case Group (1200)


To get anything done, you need to get your Crankshaft processed. If you read the first link, this means Contacting Dan and Rachel. We are very close to the window of opportunity closing to have your crank processed by them for CC#28. They also have a very limited number of exchange cranks available. Read this link first:


And then click on this one to speak with them directly about your specific crankshaft plan:



To get the full overview of of the engine build process, I have every “Getting Started” engine building story sequentially listed at this link:

Getting Started Reference page

All of you guys who are on discussion groups can use that link, (which is also on the front page of our standard Flycorvair.com webpage) when new people ask what is involved in Building a Corvair. I have put these things together to do a better job of explaining our process. I appreciate the help in getting the word out when people ask.


To get a look at the good time everyone had with Kevin and Shelley as local hosts last time, get a good look at this link:



In the last week, I have had about 10 people ask when the next college is. A number of them missed the stories I have written about CC#28. I will be the first to admit that I am a middle aged conversational bore who tells stories in word and print which are far too long for todays attention spans. I apologize, sorry, but for now, here are a few links to show people that I do write a lot about each event, well in advance. They are just stuck in there with stories about Turtles, cell phones, planes, dads and Ted Williams. At the top of this webpage there is a link called “Events”, and anyone who clicks on it will be able to see what is going to happen without having to read the crap I write about homeless guys on Easter.


60 Days until Corvair College #28

Corvair College #28 registration is open

Corvair College #28, Feb 2014 in Texas.

Upcoming events, Airshows and Colleges #26-28.

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  1. William – I’m getting very excited about the college. Roy has promised to have everything done and shipped back to me in plenty of time for the event – all he has left to do is to machine my hub. My absolute goal is to have my engine running at this college.
    Brian Manlove
    Austin TX

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