11 Days left to sign up for Corvair College #27


I actually had not watched a minute of television in a long time, none of my trucks have a radio, and the only thing I have been listening to in the shop are old Neil Young and albums and a very well worn copy of Exile on Main Street. I looked at FB today for the first time in months, and I just found out that we now have a totally non-functional government instead of the usual basically non-functional government. My apologies for not recognizing the exact transition point. If any of you are just now finding yourself disappointed in all of the elected, let me say I admire how long you have held out hope and optimism.

Although I have a degree in Political Science and a pretty sharp knowledge of American history,  I didn’t actually come up with a solution, and didn’t think any of my comments would help, so I just turned the computer off, when back to the shop, made some parts, while listening to 1969’s Everyone knows this is Nowhere. I can assure you that listening to the guitar work on Cowgirl in the Sand in a national crisis may seem irresponsible, but it actually is just as effective at finding a solution as gluing your eyes to cable TV news. (Zero % effective) with the additional benefit of far lower blood pressure and I actually got some useful work accomplished. After 6pm I put in an hour wiring our Wagabond today. If you spent an hour on TV news or talk radio today, but didn’t do anything on your plane, try reversing that tomorrow and see if you feel better when your head hits the pillow tomorrow night.

We are just 11 days away from the sign up for CC#27 closing. The event is November 8-10 in Barnwell SC. I have a long standing policy on never allowing any talk about politics whatsoever at Colleges. If all of the people you know are spending their free time complaining about politics, I can’t fix it, but I can offer you a 72 hour, politics-free oasis. From what I saw in five minutes on FB, that is an oasis that is well worth heading for, even if you have to drive 1,000 miles.-ww

Above, Kevin Purtee and Shelley Tumino receiving the Cherry grove trophy at Barnwell (CC#24) last year. They hosted CC#22 in Texas in 2012, and are hosting CC#28 in February 2014 at San Marcos, TX. Don’t miss signing up for #27, it closes in another nine days, and February is a long way off.


CC27 – https://corvaircollege.wufoo.com/forms/corvair-college-27-registration/


The Event also has it’s own Face Book Page:


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