SPA Panther will be at CC#27, Nov. 8-10, Barnwell SC.


Dan and Rachel Weseman, well known to Corvair builders, have confirmed that they are bringing the Panther and their family to CC#27.  While thousands of people have seen the Panther in person on display at Sun N Fun and Oshkosh, and have the extensive films of the plane flying aerobatics on their site and you tube, I will assure you that there is nothing like seeing this plane in action, in person, right from the side of the runway. Builders attending Barnwell will be afforded this, as well as a chance to examine the plane closely, and ask Dan questions in a far more focused and productive setting than Oshkosh. Airventure is fun, but it can not hold a candle to a college when it comes to learning in depth information.


They will also be at the College in their traditional role supporting Corvair engine building. They offer the new Billet Cranks #1001B, as well as the full processing on GM 8409 cranks, The group #2950 rear alternator and the #3000 Weseman bearings. Contact Rachel for more availability information on these items, especially if you are heading to the College.


We have several Panther builders already signed up for CC#27 who are coming to work on the Corvairs that will power their Panthers. These guys are planning on being there for the full event and getting the most out of it. In addition to these builders, Rachel has arranged with PF Beck, our local host, to have potential Panther builders stop by and get a look at the plane in person when it is in their neighborhood.  To my mind, these same people will be able to a look at a first class Corvair College in action, and we have a very good chance of welcoming them aboard as fellow Corvair builders at the next College. If you know someone interested in getting a look at the Panther encourage them to check out this link to The panther page:

For Builders who would like to read more on the plane, the main page is:

Above, Paul Dye, Editor in Chief of Kitplanes magazine, made the pilgrimage to Florida for a test fight in the Panther. He was totally impressed. He gave the plane a full check out, which will appear in a future issue of his magazine. Grace and I also had a chance to spend some time with him, and I found him to be a real homebuilder, and a surprisingly knowledgeable guy on many facets of our branch of aviation, very interested in getting to meet homebuilders in the field . He had nothing but positive things to say about his first experience flying behind a Corvair.

Having Paul Dye as the Editor of Kitplanes is very encouraging in an era where the Editor of EAA publications is more interested in the multi-million dollar French TBM-850 turboprop than any new homebuilt. Like most homebuilders, I have traditionally found the EAA’s publications as my primary source of printed information. Thirty minutes with an editor who came across the country to personally fly a real homebuilt design with an affordable engine was all it took for me to understand that we are far more likely to find our kind of information in Kitplanes these days.-ww.

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