Bearhawk LSA, Corvair motor mount in development


I will be out of the shop Monday and part of Tuesday. I am headed to North East Georgia where Bob Barrows and I are meeting at the shop of one of his Bearhawk LSA builders. I am bringing up a Complete dressed out Corvair engine and enough equipment to develop a Corvair/Bearhawk LSA mount.  While theoretically this could be done other ways, Bob is old school, and there is nothing like having all the elements in one place, even if the logistics require a little work.  It is a 6 hour drive for me to get there, and Bob is flying the LSA prototype down from his airfield in Virginia, about 3.5 hours airborne.  His plane has 30 gallon tanks, and his trip will be non stop on less than half of that.


Above, a small photo of the Bearkawk LSA. At a glance, it looks like many traditional aircraft, but in person it is easy to see that it is nearly 10″ wider than a J-3 and has all metal wings with a modern airfoil and single strut bracing. Bob is bringing this aircraft to display at CC#27 at Barnwell SC in November.


I will have pictures and more stories upon my return.  I will be back to cover email on Tuesday night, and will be back in the shop and at the regular phone on Wednesday.-ww

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