Last call on crank processing before CC#27.


I spoke with Dan and Rachel tonight, and they pointed out that this next week is the cut off for getting your core crank to them so they can process it before CC#27. I picked up several at CC#26, They already have several to batch with them, and they are only going to hold this until Thursday of next week, If you are planning on heading to the college, and you would like to make some serious progress like closing your case, it starts with getting your crank processed. I wrote a very good overview of the process in January, it is at this link:

Started in 2013, part #1, Crankshaft process options.

You have time to get your core apart over the next few days, get it wrapped up and on its way to their shop.  If you know that you are going to do this now or later, just decide right now that you are going to get this launched now, so that you don’t find yourself as an observer at the college when everyone else is putting their engine case together.-ww

Above is a close up of a 2nd Gen Dan bearing journal on a re worked GM crank. This is a 2700/2850 ready case we put together and sold to Irv Russel at CC#24.

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