Bob Barrows to Fly LSA Bearhawk to CC #27, Barnwell, S.C., Nov. 2013


Bob Barrows, noted designer of the Bearhawk series of aircraft, is planning on attending CC #27 on Veteran’s Day Weekend in November 2013 in Barnwell, S.C. I spoke with Bob on the phone several times in the past few days. On Monday we are meeting in Georgia at the hangar of one of his LSA Bearhawk Patrol builders. Bob and I are going to use the builder’s fuselage to design and mock-up a Corvair/LSA Motor Mount to have these available for his builders in the future. Bob is well known throughout homebuilding as a conservative, traditional, old-school designer and craftsman. I take it as a great compliment that our efforts with the Corvair have earned his respect.


Above, Bob Grace and myself in our tent at Oshkosh 2013. Bob holds the distinction of having flown to every single Oshkosh, all 44 of them. All of his designs have been Continental or Lycoming powered. Opening the option for Corvair power to his LSA builders is a milestone in the Corvair movement.


In speaking with Bob, I suggested he fly his LSA demo plane over to Barnwell for CC #27. He liked the idea and plans to be on hand. His plane is powered by one of Bob’s hot rod small Continentals. Grace and I have been friends with Bob for a number of years. As impressive as his designs are, spending time with the man himself is even better than studying his work. In person he is a wealth of aviation knowledge and perspective, in a very down to earth delivery. In an era of consumer-spectacle, flashy marketing in experimental aviation, Bob is a great reality check, and Grace and Scoob E and I are looking forward to having him at the College.  -ww

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