Deal Of The Day: Ellison EFS-3A and intake (Sold 10am 8/31/13)


Below is the “Deal of the Day”, an Ellison EFS-3a throttle body carb on one of our original 13 degree canted stainless intake manifolds.

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The Ellison is a very high quality, made in America, carb, which is noted for efficient operation, no float, resistance to icing, and the ability to work at any angle, including inverted. They have been used on a number of Corvair powered planes, most notably Mark Langford’s 1,000 hour KR-2S.  This intake is one of our original ones where the main tube was 304 stainless, but the up pipe and brackets are 4130 steel. (today our intakes are 100% 304 stainless steel.) This manifold works on many different airframes, but was designed specifically to fit around the nose gear of a Zenith 601XL and 750. It will fit almost every Corvair powered tail wheel airframe with the exception of a Cleanex and the Panther. To learn more about Ellisons, read the link below.

This carb is a few years old, but has very low test hours on it. It is Identical to current year models. The current price for a new EFS-3A is $1,025. Our price for a new all stainless intake is $299.  We are selling this used combination for $950, or the carb by itself for $750 or the manifold for $200. Buying the combination saves a budget minded builder $374, a savings of about 30%.I will cover the shipping in the USA.  If we have a buyer by 11am EST, this will be in the mail by noon. If you have a question, drop me a quick email, If you are sure you would like it, send us an email. The deal goes to the first builder who responds.-ww

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