Corvair College #27, Nov. in SC, Registration open.


Registration for Corvair College #27 is now open. This will be our 4th College at Barnwell SC. P.F. Beck and crew are the local hosts November 8th-10th.  This is traditionally the largest college of the year, has a large number of planes and running engines. The event has excellent facilities in as centrally located on the East Coast.

If you go to our main website, you can read about Corvair Colleges #19, 21 and 24, which were all held at Barnwell. P,F. and crew know how to be the local hosts of a great event. If you are looking for the “full immersion” experience in the Corvair movement, #27 is your event. I have already spoken with Dan and Rachel Weseman, Mark from Falcon and Roy, and they are planning on attending this college.  We will have a good number of returning college grads to help out also. Barnwell colleges are marked by fun, but it is also a very productive setting, and we have had dozens of builders get their first run in at these colleges.

In less than a week, P.F. and I will both be giving forums at Brodhead, the annual Pietenpol gathering. P.F. is well known in the Pietenpol community, and Colleges at his location are well attended, especially by Piet builders. We are setting a cap on 100 builders at CC#27. We have approached this number before, and since we are starting registration early, I expect the event to fill up. If you would like to attend, please take action now and register.

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The Event also has it’s own Face Book Page:

We will have more updates after Oshkosh.

Above, Randy Bush runs his engine at Corvair College #19 in Barnwell. If you have not met him, go back to last weeks stories and read about how his aircraft just passed 500 hours of flight time. Attending a college is often a turning point in a builders experience. If you are not making the kind of progress you would like, come to a college and find the experience, motivation and friends you have been missing.  Then I can write a story about your plane reaching the 500 hour mark and pull out an old picture of your engine running on our test stand at a college.  No airplane is built in a day, but to get one done, you must decide that this day will be different, take action and make choices that are proven to make progress. The choice is yours. Time will pass whether or not you set goals and reach them. People who take action are far happier than those that just wish they had.-ww

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