Corvair College #26, Sept. in MO., Registration open


 Corvair College #26 will be in Mexico MO, at the Zenith factory, September 18-20, Just before September Open House, so that builders can take in both events.  We will have several Corvair powered Zeniths on hand. Note that Sebastien welcomes all builders, not just Zenith builders. I have already contacted Mark from Falcon, and he will be on hand, and we will have good number of builders from previous colleges at this event. The 48 hour nature of the event means that it will be fast paced, but this will be a full College with engine tear downs, assembly and test runs. In addition we have a number of Corvair powered planes planning on being on  hand. You do not have to own a Corvair engine to attend the event. If you are just seriously thinking about the Corvair, I encourage you to attend and learn more. Colleges are excellent settings to learn more details and evaluate the engine’s advantages for your project.

There is no registration fee for this College. The simple reason for this is because we will have the builders on hand source their own food and beverages. At other Colleges, the fee goes to providing the food and drinks. In Mexico, we have elected to bypass this and focus on the mechanical side of the event. This also allows some flexibility on builders’ arrival times at the event. We are encouraging all the builders at the College to plan on staying for the Zenith open house on Friday and Saturday. I am opening this registration before we head to Oshkosh to give regular readers a chance to sign up early. I am going to cap the total at 60 builders, and I expect this to fill up before the end of Oshkosh. Please note that while there is no fee, registration is required, and I do have to know you are coming in advance. I will be glad to speak with every single person on hand at the open house on Saturday, Technical planning, safety supervision and space limitations require us to have a finite limit on attendance. If you are planning on attending take action today. Here is the link:


CC26 –


The Event also has it’s own Face Book Page:


We will have more updates on the college just after Oshkosh

Above, an illustration of how long we have had a good working relationship with the Zenith Factory. This photo is from our 2006 “Corvair Day” we had at the factory….Seven years ago doesn’t seem all that long, but get a look at my short hair cut and non-gray hair! Grace and I bought our Zenith 601XL kit at Oshkosh 2003 and began flying it in the spring of 2004. Many people headed to Oshkosh will be attracted to companies that are offering “new and exciting” engines for their planes. They are fun to read about, but I can make a great case that very few of these companies survive more than 36 months. The fact that we have been working with Zenith builders for 10 years, and Corvair builders since 1989, should prove we are in this for the long run. Less than 20% of the engine companies working in 2003 are still around, and less than 5% of the ones from 1989 are still here. Corvairs have already been flying for 53 years, a little less than half of the history of powered flight. Old and proven serves real builders. New and exciting appeals to spectators. Will you be in the arena or in the bleachers? Choose wisely and then act. -ww

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