passes 200,000 page reads. 5-4-13.


Late Friday night, someone decided to read the story about Jim’s twin project. This was the 200,000th page read on this site. We have come to this milestone in 17 months of operation. Three months ago we hit the 150,000 mark. On that occasion I wrote a story that addressed some of my perspectives on writing. The latter part of it falls into the category of ‘plain speaking’ that we hit on about two weeks ago. breaks 150,000 page reads, 2/6/13. 

That story also speaks about how the statistic probably indicates that 1,500 people read the site 100 times on average. Getting another 50,000 page reads in 90 days means that the Corvair is popular, but isn’t about to displace Rotax as the most numerous engine in the category. In a nutshell, we have enough growth and serious builders to sustain a lot of further development, new parts, new installations, more Colleges and house calls, all without losing the elements of craftsmanship, friendship and shared experience that have always been hall marks of the Corvair movement.-ww

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