Revised number system……Second half.


Here is the second half of the revised numbering system:

I revised the 2600 group at 8:30 pm est 3/21 

I revised the 3300 group at 10:25 pm est 3/21

Starter group (2400)

2401- Starter

2402- Starter brackets w/hardware

2403- Tail bracket

2404- Fine gear

2405- Top cover

2406- Top cover gasket

2407- 5/16″ top cover hardware

2408- Ring gear


Hub group (2500)

2501(A)- Gold hub

2501(B)- Short gold hub

2501(C)- Black hub

2502- Hybrid studs and washers  -6-

2503- Safety shaft, nut, washer and cotter pin


Top oil group (2600)

2601 (S)-  Standard Gold Oil filter housing with 5/16″ hardware

2601 (R)- Reverse Gold Oil filter housing with 5/16″ hardware

2602- Oil filter housing gasket


Oil cooler group (2700)

2701- Stock oil cooler

2702- Oil cooler mount

2703- Oil cooler mount gasket

2704- Oil cooler O-rings

2705- Oil cooler mount bolts 5/16″

2706- 3/8″ oil cooler mount bolt

2707- GM oil cooler side baffling

2708- Outboard oil cooler mount bolt

2709- Oil filter nipple (20mm)

2710- Oil filter


Heavy duty oil cooler group (2800)

2801- Heavy duty aircraft oil cooler

2802- Gold sandwich adapter

2803- NPT to -6 fittings -4-

2804- AN-6 hoses to cooler

2805- Cooler block off plate and hardware

2810- Oil filter (same part as 2710 filter)

NOTE: If you opt for group 2800, then delete group 2700.


Standard charging system group (2900)

2901- Front alternator bracket set

2902- Mounting hardware

2903- Permanent magnet alternator

2904- Altermator mounting hardware

2905- Drive belt

NOTE: If you opt for group 2900, then delete group 2950.


Rear charging system group (2950)

2951- Rear alternator bracket

2952- Mounting hardware

2953- Permanent magnet alternator

2954- Alternator mounting hardware

2955- Drive coupling

NOTE: If you opt for group 2950, then delete group 2900.


Weseman 5th bearing group (3000)

3001- Bearing kit (designed for short gold hub 2501B)

3002- Alteration to standard gold hub (2501A)

3003- Alteration to black hub (2501C)

NOTES: Selecting this bearing option allows deleting the 2300 group. Contact Dan Weseman directly at for more information.


5th bearing oil line group (3050)

3051(A) – Oil feed line & fittings, Standard oil filter housing

3051(B) – Oil feed line & fittings, Reverse oil filter housing 5th bearing group (3100)

3100- Bearing system assembly, Alteration to  gold hub, oil feed line and  fittings and modified starter brackets, etc. NOTE: Typically, builders selecting this option will be fulfilling the following groups: 1000, 1100, 1200 and deleting 2300. Contact for detailed pricing.


William Wynne 5th bearing group (3200)

3200- Bearing assembly system and sub components

NOTE: This bearing takes the place of groups 1000, 1100, 1200 and deletes 2300. Bearing system is not in production at this time.


Ignition group (3300)

3301 (E/P)- Electronic/points distributor with gasket

3301 (E/P/X)- E/P Deluxe w/ connector, studs, and gasket

3301 (D-P)- Dual points distributor assembly with gasket

3302- Hold down clamp, spring and nut

3303- Secondary wire set

3304- Sparkplug set -6-


Airframe ignition group (3400)

3401- Ignition coils -2-

3402- Condensors  -1 or 2-

3403- HT switch unit (MSD)

3404- Coil to switch wires

3405- HT pass through

3406- Coil to pass through wire

3407- Pass through to distributor cap wire

3408- SPDT-DPDT switch

3409- Ignition fuse box

3410- Nason switch

3411- Tach pickup


Airframe charging group (3500)

3501- Voltage regulator

3502- PMOV

3503- Master solenoid

3504- Power bus/fuse box

3505- Main electrical pass through

3506- Battery


Intakes and carburetors (3600)

3601- Intake manifolds

3602(A)- Marvel MA3-SPA

3602(B)- Stromberg NAS-3

3602(C)- Ellison EFS-3A

3602(D)- Sonex AeroCarb  –  38mm

3602(E)- Zenith 268

3602(F)- Rotec #3

3602(G)- 1 barrel Carter downdraft

3602(H)- Reserved

3602(I)- Reserved

3603- Carb heat

3604- Air filters

3605- Throttle cables

3606- Primers


EFI Electronic fuel injection (3700)

3701- FlyCorvair/Falcon

3702- RoysGarage

3703- Johnson/Holley


Mechanical fuel injection (3800)

3801- Airflow performance

3802- Precision systems


Stainless exhaust systems (3900)

3901(A)- Zenith 601/650/750/705 system

3901(B)- Universal #1 – KR-2, 2S, etc.

3901(C)- Universal #2 – Piet, Kitfox, Wagabond, etc.

3901(D)- Universal #3 – Tailwind, etc.

3901(E)- Reserved

3901(F)- Reserved

3902- Mufflers

3903- Y-pipes

Notes on turbo/321 pipes

Notes on iron manifold systems


Propellers and spinners (4000)

4001- Vans 13″ spinner assembly

4002- Front spinner bulkhead for Warp Drive props

4003- Warp Drive props

4004- Warp Drive mounting hardware

4005- Wood prop crushplate

4006- Sensenich props

4007- Tennessee props

4008- Reserved

4009- Reserved

4010- Reserved


Baffling and cowls (4100)

4101- Baffle kits

4102- Universal nosebowl with round inlets

4103- Zenith cowling

4104- Eyebrow cooling

4105- Rubber baffling seal


Motor mounts (4200)

4201(A)- Zenith 601/650 mount, all models

4201(B)- Zenith 750/705 mount

4201(C)- Pietenpol mount, high thrust line

4201(D)- KR2/2S mount, conventional gear

4201(E)- KR2/2S mount, tricycle gear

4201(F)- Custom mounts

4202- Tray and spools

4203- Bushings

4204- Bolts, nuts, clips, tubes

Notes on weight and balance

Notes on Cleanex mount, Panther mount


Airframe fuel systems (4300)

4301- Firewall pass through

Notes on gascolators, valves, braided lines

About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at and in more than 50 magazine articles.

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