Revised number system….First half.

Note, group 1000 was revised at 6:15 pm est 3/21

Note, group 2200 was revised at 8:50 pm est 3/21


Here is the first half of the revised numbering system.  I will have the second half out later today. After that we will have a builder check list, sample build options based on the ‘Alan Able- Eddie easy’ models we discussed last month, I will introduce boxed ‘kits’ that will cover whole groups, and we will revise our parts catalog to reflect these new numbers. All on target to get done this week. Good thing I broke my new years resolution to drink less coffee. Everyone should print out copies of the posts in this series for their own shop build note-book. If you are heading to CC#25 or to sun n fun, having these in your hand will allow us to cover a lot of ground and take notes for your particular plan of progress.  When I am standing at Sun n Fun, and guy has a notebook in his hand, and right beside him is a guy who claims to have followed our webpages but has no idea about this numbering system, I am going to be polite to both of them, but who do you think is going to get the bulk of my time? Which guy gets a regular answer, and which guy gets me to dig out the rear oil case and show him the flow pattern in detail?….. Correct, the guy who brought me another coffee……Just kidding.

Crank group (1000)

1001 (A)- Crank (8409 mark, GM)

1001 (B)-  Billet Crank (Fly5th Bearing)

1002- Crank gear

1003- Crank gear key

1004- Crank gear gasket

1005- Rear keys -2-

1006- Fuel pump eccentric

1007- Spacer

1008- Bronze distributor drive gear

1009- Oil slinger

1010- Main bearings

1011- Connecting rod bearings


Cam group (1100)

1101- Cam

1102- Thrust washer

1103- Key

1104- Cam gear

1105- Hydraulic lifter set  -12 total-

1106- Cam lubricant

1107- ZDDP oil additive



Case group (1200)

1201- Case -2 halves with studs-

1202- Main case bolts -8-                                                                 

1203- Main case nuts -8-


 Piston and rod group (1300)

1301- Piston set with wrist pins

1302- Ring set

1303- Connecting rods  -6-



Cylinder group (1400)

1401- Cylinders -6-

1402- Base gaskets -6-

1403- Head gasket set



Head group (1500)

1501- Pair of heads with seats and guides

1502- Valve spring set

1503- Retainer set for intakes and keepers

1504- Exhaust valve rotators and keepers

1505- Intake valves -6-

1506- Valve seals

1507- Exhaust valves -6-

1508- Exhaust stacks -6-

1509- Welded on intake pipes



Valve train group (1600)

1601- Pushrods  -12-

1602- Pushrod tubes  -12-

1603- Pushrod O-rings  -24-

1604- Rocker arm set  -12-

1605- Rocker balls  -12-

1606- Nuts  -12-

1607- Lock nuts  -12-



Head clamping hardware (1700)

1701- Guide plates -6-

1702- Stud O-rings -12-

1703- Rocker studs -12-

1704- Upper head nuts -12-

1705- Upper head washers -12-



Steel engine cooling baffles (1800)

1801- Under cylinder cooling baffles -2-

1802- Clips to retain engine cooling baffles -4-

1803- Baffle between #1 cylinder and distributor

1804- Baffle between #2 cylinder and oil cooler


Valve Cover Group (1900)

1901- Valve covers -1 pair-

1902- Hold down clamps -8-

1903- Hold down hardware 1/4″-20 -8-

1904- Valve cover gaskets -2-

1905- Oil fill cap



Rear oil case group (2000)

2001- Rear oil case casting

2002- Rear oil seal

2003- 5/16 hold down hardware

2004- 3/8 hold down hardware

2005- Case to block gasket

2006- Harmonic balancer

2007- Balancer bolt and washer


Oil pump and regulator group (2100)

2101- Oil pump assembly

2102- Oil pump gaskets

2103- Oil pressure regulator piston

2104- Oil pressure regulator spring

2105- Oil pressure regulator plug

2106- Plug washer

Oil Pan Group (2200)

2201 (B)-  Gold billet Oil pan

2201 (W) – Fly weight welded Oil pan

2202- Oil pickup

2203- 1/4″-20 hardware -19-

2204- Drainplug

2205- Oil pan gasket

2206- Dipstick

2207- Dipstick bracket


Front cover group (2300)

2301- Front cover

2302- Cover to case gasket

2303- Front oil seal

2304- 3/8″ hardware -9- 

About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at and in more than 50 magazine articles.

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