Running Zenith 750, Coenraad Van Der Merwe, CA


Below is a picture of the latest running corvair, mounted on the front of A Zenith 750 built in the bay area of northern CA by Coenraad Van Der Merwe. The engine is a 2700 cc  Gen #1 Dan bearing power plant with all of our Gold system parts and all of our Zenith installation components.


Above, Coenraad at the controls. In spite of a busy personal schedule, he has made great progress building his engine and airframe. Although they are not on in the picture, the wings have been completed. For the first start, Coenraad called in our West Coast man Woody Harris, who flew his own Corvair powered Zenith 601XL to supervise. It all worked out great, Woody said he had done a very good job on the airframe and engine.  I am looking forward to seeing this aircraft on the flight line by the end of this season. Hats Off to Coenraad, the newest Corvair builder to reach the running engine milestone.-ww

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