Floats on Snow, Corvair powered Merlin


Jeff Moores, of Newfoundland Canada, who flies his Corvair powered Merlin on full lotus floats sent us a few more pictures of his bird in action. Not only does it fly well off water, Full Lotus floats also work well on snow. Jeff pre-heats the engine before starting, but the Corvair has no issue working in bitter cold. Jeff keeps the aircraft in a small hangar that is on the edge of a lake. Once frozen, the hangar is now on a very long runway. The photos came with the short note below.


“Hi William. Some pics from flying today. The engine is performing flawlessly. -Jeff”


Outside the hangar. The aircraft has a 2700 cc /Dan bearing engine that Jeff built. It uses our standard nose bowl and stainless U-2 exhaust. The prop is a Warp Drive. The floats are made of inflated cells, the design is very versatile for this reason.


Airborne on a very clear day. Jeff Moores, northern most Corvair pilot in the world.-ww

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