Fly Corvair at Sun n Fun 2013, Starts April 9th. (Booth N-66)


Grace and I have decided to return to Sun n Fun again this year. This will be my 25th consecutive year at the event. We will have a full commercial display, in booth N-66, which is on the row in front of building “C”, the third of the four main display buildings. This is one row over from where we were last year. Sun n Fun is the second largest air show in the US, and it has been held every spring in Lakeland Florida for many decades. It is a big event, and it draws thousands of planes.

Dan and Rachel Weseman are bringing the Corvair powered Panther prototype to the event, and they have an adjoining commercial display space, so we will have a place for all the Corvair builders to congregate. Just as we did at Sun n Fun and Oshkosh last year, we are going to work together to have a Corvair Cookout for all builders and fans of the Tonawanda master piece.

There will be a one day gap between Corvair College #25, held April 5-7th in Leesburg Florida (more info later this week) and the start of Sun n Fun. We expect to see many builders at both events. We are tentatively planning on having the Cookout on the first night of the show. We will keep every one posted as we get a little closer.

We will do all the regular stuff, parking lot tours to look at builders cores, have every catalog part on display, have short blocks for sale, etc. If you are going to attend the event and have a specific question or would like to pick up something special, just drop us an email or call.

Above, Sun n Fun 2012. old friends left, Roy Shannon, and center, Steve Bacom Jr., both VariEze builders. On the right is Arnold Holmes, long time Corvair pilot and host of Corvair College #17. Arnold is president of EAA  chapter 534, the local hosts of Corvair College #25. If you would like to see some of the events from last years sun n fun, get a look at this link:  Sun N Fun 2012 

For more info on Sn n Fun :

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