Calling All “Zenvair” Flyers……601 / 650 / 750


I just spoke with Sebastien Heintz, President of Zenith, and we would like to have a Corvair powered Zenith in the Zenith aircraft display area at Sun n Fun. We have a long tradition of doing this going back to 2004.  Sebastien always likes to see affordable examples of his families designs prominently displayed. In the last nine years, between Sun in Fun and Oshkosh we have had about a dozen of our builders planes in their booths. We are not looking for show winning aircraft only, regular examples of traditional builder craftsmanship are actually prefered.

My Commercial display comes with a number of full week passes. Anyone with a plane in the Zenith booth will be an informal rep for Corvair power, so I will cover the pilots of the display aircraft with complementary commercial acess passes. Even if you are able to stay just part of the week, we are looking to cycle 2 or 3 Corvair powered Zeniths through the booth. The Zenith display is in the middle of the broad taxiway, so there is no difficulty moving aircraft midweek , after hours. We do not need a guarantee of being on hand, I just need to hear from Zenith pilots who are planning on attending Sun n Fun so we can do a little coordination and planning.

Below are som photos of  “Zenvairs” in the Zenith booth in past Sun n Fun’s:


Above, Phil Maxson (Left) stands by his 601XL in the Zenith Booth at Sun n Fun 2006. Read Phil’s story at this link:  Guest writer: Phil Maxson, flying a 3100cc Corvair in his 601XL


Above, Rick Lindstrom’s 601XL in the Zenith Booth at Sun n Fun 2007.


Grace, Chris Heintz, and myself with our Zenith 601XL  at Sun Fun 2005.


Our  701/Corvair test bed aircraft in the Zenith booth at Sun n Fun 2010

To read about many more examples of Corvair powered Zeniths, get a look at this link:

List of Corvair Powered Zeniths

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