Mail Sack, 10-25-12 , Kevin Purtee and Colleges.


A sampling of letters on Kevin Purtee’s story;

Builder and CC#22 grad Vic Delgado writes:

“Great Writing Kevin! I had no idea you had an accident either. Glad you were able to recover and still at it! I look forward to hopefully catching up with you and Shelly and rest of the awesome Corvair group at one of the future Colleges.-Vic.”

Michelle Gilbert,United States Army, writes;

“Inspiring… I am so proud to call you all my friends! :D You’re both so special to me.”

Corvair/601XL builder, Host CC#3,  and Pietenpol pilot Oscar Zuniga writes:

“Roger, experimental niner-niner-kilo-pop. You’ve got it SOOOO right!-Experimental four-one-charlie-charlie”

Zenith 750 builder and 7 time College grad. Dan Glaze writes;

“what a fantastic love story”


On the value of Corvair Colleges, 750/2850cc builder Gary Burdett writes:

“My Cray comment (in the last mail sack)was meant as humor of course, but to be serious for a moment, I have had two individuals in the last several months email me on the zenith site because they see that I am a 750 corvair builder. I tell them to get more info about a corvair in airplanes, go to a college if you can, buy manuals at least if you can’t , and go to both websites anyway and read as they both give as good a flavor about the corvair as you can get short of the two options above. And do it now, not later. There , that’s it for the seriousness, back to humor.”

Builder Bruce Culver writes:

“William, I missed CC#22 in Georgetown and was wondering if you are planning any other Corvair Colleges roughly in the Texas area in the near future. If not, I used to drive 1100 miles from Dallas to Jax to visit my brother…..Wow. (Of course I was a LOT younger in those days…..)”

Bruce, We have spoken to a number of builders in favor of a Texas or a Oklahoma College in 2013.  Arnold Holmes, host of #17, would like to do another in Central Florida, the weekend before sun n fun in April. We are pretty sure we are going to Chino CA in the spring and with PF Beck and Crew’s blessing back to Barnwell every November.-ww

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