Mail Sack, 10-23-12. Love Story and other Topics


Here is a sampling of the mail. On the Ed and Claire Jeffko story:

Builder Harold Bickford writes:

“Certainly real love is not possessive but giving and honoring of another’s dreams,hopes and aspirations. Edi and I will celebrate our 41st anniversary in November and that journey has seen individual and shared endeavors. In all of those instances it was a matter of wanting each other to go forward and grow with rich experiences. We also succeeded in passing that on to our four children who now as adults continue in the same manner.

Our shared interest in flying and building is itself a continuation of lifelong plans that are finally finding expression. We will run with that and enjoy the experience of learning new skills, meeting new people and making new friendships.

That Claire and Ed could know flying and building as expressions of who they are makes for a great discovery. They also had the capacity to give each other freedom in that regard. That makes for a very powerful commentary about how vows are lived out. Thanks for sharing and inviting. –Harold”

Zenith 750 Builder Dan Glaze writes:

“William, I too love to fly,someone ask me once if I could remember the first time that I flew,I sure could, I was 4 years old and remember spreading my wings (arms) and circling the back yard watching my shadow on the ground, at that moment I became a pilot. corncobs with feathers stuck in them and thrown into the air,rubber-band powered balsa airplanes,then control line and radio control. followed with the U.S. Airforce and then 16 year in the Ohio Airnational Guard.12 years building B-1B bombers and C-17 transport aircraft, and now a Zenith 750. My wife has always understood that I needed to be airborne and has always been very supportive.My Corvair engine has been running since the college at Roys last summer. Barnwell will be my 7th college and the 3rd since my engine ran and my wife insists that I go again. she knows that I need this fellowship with like-minded people and is so supportive, after 35 happy years of marriage she is still behind me 100% even though she herself does not care to fly. I likewise support her in the things that she enjoys.A Successful marriage is a 2 way street. Happy wife, Happy life. Dan-o”

Builder Matt Lockwood writes:

“Blues skies and tailwinds, Ed.”


On the topic of You Tube Videos, Zenith 750/2850cc builder Gary Burdett writes:

“Since you got your new Cray XE6, you are spending much more time on the net it seems.You may have been better off as a trilobite . The videos do give a little eagerness to get done to those of us “almost there” though and we don’t have to spend hours surfing for a couple of good hits so maybe it’s working out. Thanks.”

Gary, The only thing Cray I have is some Robert Cray blues records from the 1980s.  I am still a trilobite in an ooze of simplicity. This blog is written in the wordpress format that allows a cave man like me to update it without the assistance of my super genius IQ-207 wife. Our Traditional website is actually written in straight HTML code, 100% by Grace. She can actually type a translation in HTML as fast as I can dictate words to her.  It took a lot longer to update the old site for this reason. I am covering a lot of ground on this site because we are heading into the home stretch before CC#24, which is the last event for 2012. A new guy attending this event will have a much more productive winter engine building season than a builder who postpones his first College until next season. Readership on this site has been picking up steady since Oshkosh and the Zenith open house, with a number of new arrivals since Contact issue #105 made it to subscribers. I want to get a good flow of information that gives these new arrivals a panoramic view of the Corvair movement.-ww


On the topic of Unicorns vs Ponies Builder Charlie Redditt writes:

“I’ve enjoyed showing the below to my two young daughters, hoping to inoculate them a bit against consumerism.

Just to say, our consumer cultural preference for unicorns extends to a lot of other stuff as well. What made the connection for me was the last quote, “because you see, the machine never really did exist. On my way this morning to get a 140 hp.-Charlie”


 On the topic of Cylinder head temps, Builder Jim Lobue writes:

“Always great to get practical tips and the reasons why. I was thinking about using the stock temp probe location, but everyone in aviation seems to use the spark plug, so that is how the sensors are designed.

I havent spoken to you in years. Yes, the Zenith project is way behind due to elder care issues, but not dead. Being active in EAA Chapter #96 keeps me motivated.-Jim”

Jim, taking care of the parents and family is a priority that we many of our builders write in about, something you have in common with at least 1/3 of the guys building a Corvairs. Planes are important, but family first. Glad to have you back in action.-ww


On the topic of Billet cranks made in the USA, Builder Rick Byrd writes:

“put very awesomely william”

Rick, Thank you. Dan Weseman brought over two of the brand new cranks the other night to use my press to install the gears. The cranks looked magnificent. The fact that these are made in the US, from 100% US made materials means a lot to me. I like to support every effort to have manufacturing and its employment return to the USA. In aviation, quality counts, and the people who are solely driven by the quick profit motive who want to sell Chinese junk to American aviators have no morals. This includes the CEO of Cessna, who outsourced the C-162 to China. It was revealed by 60 minutes that this same CEO has included a fraudulent Aerospace engineering degree in his resume for the last 15 years. Guess what board of directors he sits on today (EAA). Fortunately each of us runs our own engine building company, and we can set the standards instead of accepting what the morally bankrupt corporate ‘leadership’ would have us buy.-ww

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