Quality Sport Planes open house, CA, this weekend.


Builders in the northern California area can get together this weekend at the Quality Sport planes open house. QSP is Zenith’s west coast facility, located in Cloverdale. It is run by Doug and Lori Dougger, well-known through out the Zenith community for their expertise and hospitality. I just saw Doug and Lori at the Zenith open house, and they were looking forward to this weekend. QSP was also the location for Corvair Colleges #10 and #11. I think it is one of the best grass-roots airports in the US. There is more info on the QSP site:


On hand at this event will be Woody Harris, our “Man on the West Coast.”  When it comes to our efforts with the Corvair movement, Woody has long been the most experienced builder on the West Coast. He has his own highly successful 601XL and he was instrumental in the success of 4 of the 5 Corvair Colleges we have held in California. He has flown a Corvair powered plane in more states than anyone else, and his 50 year international career in the motor sports world gives him a very strong background with engine building. Additionally, he’s a hell of a guy to have a beer with at the end of the day…..

Woody will have a selection of our manuals and DVD’s on hand, along with some samples of Corvair conversion parts. He usually has some good leads on core engines in his area, and he knows most of the California Corvair builders pretty well. Don’t miss this chance to meet him in person, and find your own place in the Corvair movement.

In the above photo, Woody Harris’ 2,850cc Zenith 601B sits at the end of the ramp in North Carolina at First Flight Airport with the Wright Brothers Monument in the background. There is a longer piece about Woody’s work with Corvairs at the link below:    



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