Copper State Fly in, AZ, oct. 25-27.


For builders in the southwest, Copper State Fly in will see at least two Corvair powered planes, and have forums on Corvairs presented with Contributions by Corvair builder/pilots Andy Elliot and Woody Harris. Pat Panzera from Contact! magazine, a long time supporter of Corvair power will be organizing the engine forums and on hand at the Contact! display all weekend.

In our booth at Oshkosh 2011, I stand with three of the pilots who flew in their Corvair powered Zeniths. From left to right, Shayne McDaniels who flew in a 2700cc CH 650 from Missouri, Woody Harris in a 2850cc CH 601B from California, and Andy Elliott in a 3100cc CH 601B from Arizona. Woody and Andy will both be at Copper State 2012 with their aircraft. Woody, as our “man on the west coast”, will have our manuals and DVDs with him for sale. Both of these guys can answer technical questions on engine building and operation.-ww

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