EAA Corvair Webinar- Wednesday Night, 5/9/12


We invite you to visit www.eaa.org/webinar to register for a Hump Day forum on Flying Corvair Planes 7 p.m. Central tomorrow, May 9.

I will narrate a 30-45 minute discussion on Corvair conversions.  Charlie Becker of the EAA will moderate 30-45 minutes of live e-mail questions from the audience. We will have a chance to cover some of the new stuff and discuss the upcoming Corvair College #23. The event will be kept for later viewing in the EAA’s archives, but I encourage builders to try to catch it live.

Charlie said already a large number of people signed up for the Webcast. One of the things that I like about a good turnout for events like this and for the forums I give every year at Oshkosh is that it gives the people at headquarters direct evidence that there are still many, many people in the EAA who are interested in craftsmanship, learning and affordable projects. The people at headquarters are pretty smart, and over the years they have adjusted the content and focus of EAA publications to reflect the interests of the membership.  Our association has had some large changes in leadership in the past year, and I am sure that the new people will take some time to better understand the many different expectations of the EAA membership. For my small part, I am always looking for positive ways that we can make sure the leadership has a clearer picture of the interests of the traditional homebuilding element of the association. Participating in this Web forum is a good opportunity to accomplish this while getting more information out to builders who have selected the Corvair as the engine that best fits their goals.     

If you are on other groups that may have potential Corvair builders on them, we would greatly appreciate you sending out a short message so other builders have a chance to catch this event. We hope to have you there. Thank you-William

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