Corvair College #23 – 40 Days away


 We are now just 40 days away from Corvair college #23.  Dan and I are putting  a lot of prep work into this event to make sure that every builder attending gets the most out of the event. We have developed specific checklists for each builders goals to allow them to come prepared for progress.

When you sign up for the college, please directly email me a paragraph or two on your plans, and I will gladly send you information on the specific items you will need. Please include a phone number, as I can often cover some variables faster on the phone. We will also use this information to break the builders down into smaller groups and organize some specific instructional sequences aimed at small groups. For example, a I going to show everyone in attendance how to use a timing light on a running engine, how to install a distributor, and how to set valve timing. We are going to do this in groups of 4-5 people to make sure that everyone learns these skills hands on.

Having Dan, Mark Petz and Myself on hand means that we can cover this, even for a large number of builders. We have other experienced builders like Dan Glaze, veteran of several colleges, returning to assist builders with tasks like exchanging engines on the run stand. Even though we are aiming for a large turn out, the expert to builder ratio will still be very favorable for good individual progress.

The link to the registration page for CC#23 is:

If you have not been to one of my previous Colleges, take the time to read about any of our Colleges from this section of our Web site:

College #23 will be run just like previous events where the primary focus is on the progress you will make on your own engine. After 12 years of Colleges with hundreds of builders in attendance you can find countless stories of the value of attending a college, told by builders just like you. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Question: What kind of person attends a Corvair College? Answer: All types of characters do.  Above is a picture of a Corvair crankshaft core that arrived in our shop, sent by Corvair College #22 builder Kendal Darter. It is part of a batch of cranks that we are having processed as a group for CC#23. When a crank arrives wrapped an embroidered sweatshirt with a Crown Royal bag over each end, you can safely call the builder a character. If you local EAA chapter is light on serious builders, or if you consider yourself a little out of the mainstream, sign up for Corvair College #23, you will fit right in with the broad variety of serious builders that will be at the event.

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