Corvair College #23, June 8,9,10 – Florida


We are two months away from the next Corvair College.  We are holding it in Palatka, Florida. This town is about 30 miles south of Jacksonville. The airport is a large municipal airport with long paved runways and fuel. It is uncontrolled and fairly low traffic. The airport is called Kay Larkin, named for a WWII aviator.

In the next week we will have more updates on lodging and camping, a specific schedule, and detail information. For today, I would like to get the registration link up, and let builders know about an important deadline that is a week away.

Dan and Rachel Weseman are co-hosting this College with us.  Mark Petz from Falcon is also flying in for the event. Because the College is in Florida, we expect a large turn out. Because the location is close to both our hangar and Dan’s we are going to have access to every tool we may need. Dan and I are developing a schedule for the event that will give it more structure, which will allow new guys to get more out of the large event. We will post this schedule in the next two weeks.

With these assets, we are planning on getting many builders through the closed case with a Dan bearing on it stage. For builders to take advantage of this, they have to order a bearing from Dan this week, so that he can get a large order in with his machine shop, for delivery at the College. Additionally, Dan has developed a first class complete service for crankshaft work. If you are a builder at home with a core engine, and you would like to be one of they guys going home with a lot of work done, this is the week to send your core crank to Dan and order a bearing. You can directly contact Dan on this at this link: We should be able to cover more than 15 builders on this, but it takes having the parts processed now to make it happen.

The link to the registration page for CC#23 is:

If you have not been to one of my previous Colleges, take the time to read about any of our Colleges from this section of our Web site:

College #23 will be run just like previous events where the primary focus is on the progress you will make on your own engine. After 12 years of Colleges with hundreds of builders in attendance, you can find countless stories of the value of attending a College, told by builders just like you.

If you have not made the progress you planned in the past year, change your approach, sign up for this event, and take a positive step in starting this year off with a plan. Attending a College is the #1 cited milestone mentioned by people who are out flying their own Corvair powered planes today. Don’t wait to see if this year will be different: Make it different.

Corvair/601 builder Ken Pavlou, aka The Central Scrutinizer, has set up the online registration for #23. Ken has covered this on 7 of the previous 9 Colleges from his workshop in Connecticut. His work is an outstanding example of builders making a contribution to the Corvair movement. I will be back online over the next few days with further updates on CC#23, feel free to write in with any questions, I will cover them here.

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