3601 Intake Manifold


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Intake Manifolds are made of very thin wall 304 stainless tubing. The are purge welded by TiG method in my hangar. The intakes match my weld on head pipe design. They are supplied with rubber couplers and clamps. The manifolds are made in t All components are made in USA


#3601-S For Stromberg and MA3-SPA float carbs.

#3601-E For Rotec and Ellison TBI carbs mounted on Zenith Tricycle gear aircraft.

Intakes will not fit Pietenpol’s with original low thrust line mounts.

Sonex/Waiex airframes and SPA Panthers have unique intake manifolds available from Sport Performance Aviation.

Read Conversion manual for a complete description. Read related stories for operational information. Watch Youtube Videos for more visual perspectives.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 7 in

3601-S For Stromberg and MA3-SPA float carbs, 3601-E For Rotec & Ellison TBI carbs on Zenith Tricycle Gear