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  1. That was an educational bit of video. Before I started on my Corvair flight engine I knew very little about how an engine goes together and what all the parts were. I recently purchased the MOP manual and it brought together a lot of information that I had been picking up piecemeal from the various posting you have made, well worth the cost and a good read.

  2. Sarah, William,
    I agree that the MOP manual is a very good and needed investment in Covair operations and

    1. varies by brand, but ones from a small block chevy will work. You can look up a 1966 C-30 283 cid V-8 chevy trek if you need an application.

      1. My Corvair mechanic recommended not installing them on my 1965 Corvair 4 door. It has rebuilt heads and valves. I thought it was a good idea.

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