Group 1100 cam kits on shelf.


I just got in another round of our camshafts, and have assembled them with new made in the USA gears. We now have them on the shelf at SPA/Panther ready for delivery. They come as a complete kit, with lifters, lubricant and ZDDP oil additive, every component in Chapter 1100 of the conversion manual is included. If you are planning on assembling your bottom end in the next week or month, it would be a good idea to have one of these shipped to you. If you have been good this year, maybe someone will buy you one for Christmas, but if you are in what I call the “Bag of Coal Club” , maybe just order it for yourself:



Above, three cams with new gears sitting outside my shop. We now have 7 kits on the shelf. The entire assembly, including raw materials and processes, is made in the United States. To learn more about cams, read this:  1100-WW Camshaft Group .




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  1. how frequent do you recommend replacing camshaft every overhaul or as required. can i order the 1100 kit without purchasing the camshaft itself. we are inspecting a engine for sudden stoppage and if the cam checks ok for magnaflux and run out checks then we are putting it back in. but i only wanted to replace the lifters and pushrods and pushrod tubes

    Dewayne Clardy Desoto Highschool CTE

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