Short Run Video; Panther.


Below is a short video of Paul Salter’s Panther running in front of his hangar.



The first think that sharp eyes will notice is that the engine has it’s cooling baffles in place, but it doesn’t have a scoop to force the air through the engine.  I tell people to never, ever to run engines like this, and if you look at pictures from our colleges, every single engine has the green cooling shroud in place.


Here is the critical difference: This isn’t a “New” engine. It is the same 3,000 cc/ 120 HP Corvair that flew in prototype Panther for about 200 hours. ( The prototype has been upgraded to a 3.3 liter Corvair.) Unlike a brand new engine, it is OK to run this engine for short 30-60 second runs at low power without the cooling baffle.  The reason why this is never done on a new engine is because lots of short start and stop runs are murder on a new cam. On a new engine, you ideally want to start it once, and run it without stopping at all for 20-25 minutes at 1800 – 2200 rpm. After that, the cam is set to go and the engine can be run for short runs without issue.


The purpose of running the engine in the video was to verify wiring connections and system on the plane. Other people might not like this type of a video because it is a “bad example”, but I trust our builders to be intelligent people who understand differences between new and broken in engines when it is explained.  I don’t like being treated as a kindergarten student,  and I don’t treat people that way either.




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  1. Is that forklift enough weight to hold back the mighty 3L ?????

    But seriously, I had an excellent afternoon today buzzing low level over the wilderness with MY mighty 3L. It is working perfectly. Tons of power for my float equipped Merlin in the cool autumn air.

    I’ve ordered a Cruzer kit from Zenair. I will be ordering a Corvair engine mount for it soon !!


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