Florida Hurricane Preparedness….

Friends from out of state have asked how Floridians prepare for hurricanes…..



Please note, “liking” this story requires a permit in NY, NJ, CT and IL. California residents that accidently thought this was funny and laughed may avoid prosecution by fleeing to the sanctuary state of Arizona. Two stroke engines and thirty round magazines could have been shown to cause cancer in cock roaches in California, but a court injunction from PETECR (people for the ethical treatment of cock roaches) halted the tests before the data to support the conclusion could be manufactured.




The comment above is a humor tolerance test. It is obviously a joke because everyone knows I don’t drink Bud light.


I think California is a beautiful place filled with many great people. I am just yet to understand why they must live under a legislative system that is only tolerant when compared to Yemen or the Taliban.  Again, I am joking, but people should feel free to take it the wrong way and be offended, as being offended is a becoming more common than laughing.



Seriously, NOAA weather is reporting a significant rise in wind speeds in the projections, and they are now predicting 20-25′ waves on North Florida beaches. If you are inclined to pray for people you have not met, now might be a good time, as the next days will bring tragedy to many people here, as it has in the Caribbean already.  Let us hope that no matter what they loose, these people don’t loose the ability to laugh at stupid humor.




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  1. When people ask me what it is like to experience a Hurricane I just say think of a really heavy thunderstorm that lasts all day and into the night rather than just a fraction of an hour. If you are on high ground and away from the coast then you will typically do OK although you might need a new roof when it is over. I think that the worst damage comes from flooding and you do not have to be near a body of water to experience that tragedy and it is a tragedy.

    So WW’s Hurricane Preparedness Kit is fairly correct, all you can do is sit back and listen to the rain until the storm has passed. At that point you go out and start the clean-up, the day after is usually has very pleasant weather and you probably do not have electricity. As for me I live in a second floor apartment so the clean-up is not my problem but I do have plenty of liquid refreshment on hand as well as ammunition (.380 and 9mm.

  2. William and Grace, best of luck in weathering through the storm. Congrats on your award !

  3. Good luck with the hurricane.
    I live in the peoples republic of Santa Monica. The joke would be funny if it weren’t so true. It seems that tolerance to so many here means only tolerating others who think the way they do. Everyone else must be evil and should be vilified and ridiculed.

    1. Lee, I have had some really good times in CA, but my disposition toward slower pace, personal space and low stress means I do better in CA as a tourist than a resident.

  4. ‘Way to go William! Congrats on your award & I’ll take my M-14 & meet you at the range for some target practice!

  5. To bad PETA and Liberalism does not extend ethical treatment to the human race.

    1. Gary,
      My observation is that most people don’t treat others ethically, so in that way they are eligible for peta cards. If people want to do something ethical for animals maybe they should do what you have done and have a career in offering logical, scientific, and ethical care of them. -ww.

  6. William, that was seriously funny, but you forgot Massachusetts ;-). What no picture of Barry Goldwater to go with this ? 😉

  7. William,

    The weapon in that picture would cause panic in the streets of Massachusetts, especially in the Peoples Republic of Cambridge! The Attorney General here is trying to outlaw any rifle or other firearm that even looks menacing. Definitely add Massachusetts to the list of states that require a permit to “like” your picture.

    I pray that you are not too inconvenienced by the hurricane. My several relatives in Vero Beach are without power but have retained their sense of humor. They would love your post.

    Gerry Scampoli

  8. have plenty of hanger space in iowa that’s not 5ft above sea level oh 865ft sound good ,so come on up the frost is fine

    1. Martin,
      I am more concerned about blizzards than hurricanes. After a hurricane, life is reduced to a camping trip gone bad: insects, heat, warm beer, the veneer of civilization peeled back to expose the brutality of existence. On the other hand, post blizzard seems like a chance to understand how the German 6th army felt after Stalingrad. I pick extreme discomfort over having to eat the pets. BTW, our field elevation is 77′, flooding in my hangar is a cruel joke of local topography.

  9. william as a fellow floridian in melbourne just wanted to say thanks for the laugh. my hurricane prep kit looks just like that only with pbr. and an addidional 357 revolver hope all is well

  10. William, in going over my emails, I just found this today. All I can say is, you crack me up!
    Thanks for the laugh!

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