Thought for the Day: Qualities of an aviator on display


I have watched the viral video shown below about twenty times. It is an astonishing display of one young man keeping his head, acting without hesitation without instruction, training or a plan, to save someone who was seconds away from a very ugly death.  The Link is to CNN’s 60 second cut, there are others on Youtube that show 2:40 of the events. From any angle, This young man is heroic in his actions.





All of us know people who use the phrase “I almost died” to describe traffic encounters, weather storms, etc. Looking at the video, the woman’s exasperation can be forgiven by the fact she really was facing death, and knew it. The story isn’t about her, it is about the young man. If you say “Qualities of an aviator” people start listing skills, which are something different. Look closely and watch the man does not panic, even when the first tries to extract the woman don’t work.  Cool and effective under pressure is a Quality of an Aviator.  Second, study how quickly he evaluates the deteriorating situation, makes a new plan, and acts on it. That is also a Quality of an Aviator.


I have looked, but I have not yet found the Man’s full name, just that he is called “David.” Perhaps one of the many people reading this can find it and let us all know who he is .  I would like to meet him and know more about what his goals and plans are.  This week the cable news industry is bombarding every home in America, 24/7, with a continuous stream of poison noting every failed person they can find, and the more vile the act or venomous the words, the more airtime they are given. We can’t change that, but I refuse to drink the poison when in front of our eyes is obvious evidence of good people in our world.


In this country, we send a large fraction of students to college because they can play a sport or a game, this is arguably paid for by overcharging the rest of the academic students.  I understand the potential values taught to high school students my athletics, my only point is the Qualities shown above, demonstrated without the scripting of a football play or the safety of a gym, should be a better predictor of future performance and value to society. Perhaps after finding out who he is we can do something to test my theory. I don’t care if he wants to be a Pilot or an EMT, I would just rather put any effort into supporting it, rather than do nothing and listen to another day’s poison.




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  1. Last name Phung. Headline news interviewed him. Nice young man. I really enjoyed his full louisiana accent.

  2. William,

    Sorry but no video was attached to the post. I am also interested in seeing it.


  3. William,

    if you need any help while you are recuperating, just email me. I am close by in Saint Augustine.


  4. I saw this and instantly knew my faith in humanity was growing stronger one person at a time.
    I saw someone using rational thought to solve a problem.
    As for the vile acts of the press, include the specious arguments purposely advanced to confuse. A recent Detroit example was the argument that everybody has the right to free water. That was used by the press to justify residents not paying the water bill and still expecting to get treated water supplied direct to their door. While they may have a right to water, in a bucket, taken from the river, they do not have any rights to free treatment, testing, and distribution, a counterpoint that I never heard being made. Shortly thereafter, the entire Flint water crisis arrives with a contributing cause being the money needed to supply safe drinking water. No correlation was drawn between the two events. Nothing was learned. Does Detroit suffer a similar fate in the future?
    The point being made is the lack of intellectual honesty, when trying to solve real problems does not serve humans very well. I realize not everybody is bright enough sort it out on the first try… but shame on those in leadership positions that take advantage or coverup and shame on those that are intellectual cowards (those that know, but are afraid to act based on known facts).
    I suspect that a person with traits possessed by David would not have any problems solving the examples above.

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