Grace on father’s day


My father in law Bob is a life long sportsman, something of an expert of salmon fishing, but well rounded on all points of field craft. The fact his only child is a daughter didn’t deter him one bit from sharing his love of the outdoors.



Above, a photo from our back yard in 2006. Grace and her father getting in a little informal skeet practice Grace has an unusual stance, but her father coached her to outstanding skills. The 12 gauge is a Winchester model 1912, an heirloom in their family


From the story Grace’s Dad and Ted Williams:

“My Father in law is from an era of American men that chose the outdoors as their ‘Arena’, just as TR did. These men put many years of patient study and intense awareness into perfecting their field craft. This focus and pursuit has direct parallels to the mastery of being a ‘stick and rudder pilot.’ They both take considerable investment, not of money, but of the willpower to focus on the moment at hand without distraction, to study to subtitle differences between acceptable and better.”



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