Father’s Day memory


On Father’s Day, a memory of a fine afternoon;



Above my Father, the real William Wynne,  and I standing in front of my Pietenpol, at Brodhead WI, 2000.


Hoping every one of you is enjoying the day with family or friends, giving time to consider the men who gave us a free world, a home in that world and their enduring example of devotion to family, country and duty.


From: Patriotism has no Party :

“He is from a generation of men who’s love of country and family were strong enough to never need the acknowledgement of others, far less praise nor reward. They were motivated solely by belief and love.”




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  1. Always appreciate your posts about your father. Been wondering how he is doing? Hope he is doing well.

    1. Steven,

      Thanks for the note. Dad is actually doing better, he got out of the hospital yesterday after being there since early April. I spoke with him this afternoon, the family was gathering in NJ today to celebrate this.

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