E/P and E/P-X Distributors, #3301


I drove up to the SPA/Panther shop today, to drop off four E/P-X distributors that I had assembled and test run yesterday.  These are among our most popular conversion parts ever, in the last 10 years I have made hundreds of them. E/P series distributors I have built are in 90% of the flying Corvair powered planes in the world.  These are proven parts, they are the standard of what works, and for these reasons they are enduringly popular.


George Carlin pointed out that the terms Rainforest and Wetlands had to be invented because no one was particularly interested in saving what was formerly known as Jungles and Swamps. “Enduringly popular” is a pleasant euphemism for “back ordered.”  However, today was a magic day, because when I drop off the latest four, Lisa, the inventory manager at SPA told me ……I was actually slightly ahead. I had not been in this position for the last 2 years.  I have another 12 distributors in the works right now, so I have finally reached the point were they should be ‘on the shelf’ from here forward.  This is progress, largely made possible because we now use SPA to distribute and support our product line: Outlook 2016, New order page and distribution method.




Above, an E/P-X running in my distributor machine. For 20 years I used a 1950 Allen distributor machine. The one above is actually older, it is a 1947 Sun. ( Notice the volt meter only goes to 6 volts, 12 volt cars were yet to be sold in 1947 ) The orange arrows are projected onto the degree wheel by a spinning strobe under the center green disc. There are actually six arrows projected, the camera just didn’t catch the top three. I actually inherited this machine from a Florida gentleman who passed last year. He was a very competitive guy in offshore boat racing in the 1970s and 80s. I didn’t know him well, but was one of the few people who toured his machine shop who knew what the distributor machine was. His facility was sold to friends who told me to take the machine and put it to good use. Next year it will be 70 years old and still in fine shape.  As you go through your day today, ask yourself which mechanical device you see for sale that will still be useful in 2086. People can talk all they want about “green” things and “recyclable”, but there is a good argument that making things that last and don’t need to be endlessly replaced is actually less stress on the environment than disposable appliances, even if they are allegedly “green” and “recyclable”.


To learn more about E/P-X distributors:



 To learn more about E/P distributors:




5 Replies to “E/P and E/P-X Distributors, #3301”

  1. William..Rachel is doing a fine job sending out parts. We are receiving them here in Australia quick smart and I like that! Well done and good move!…Scotty

  2. Amen to that. “Durable Goods” used to mean something. Look at how well the Cubans maintained the 40’s-50’s vintage cars and trucks over the years. There is a lot of handmade and re-re-rebuilt parts in those things and the Castro regime was not helping matters. I have some 60’s vintage electronic signal generators, power supplies, measuring devices, and various other “ping” machines all of which are pre-Integrated circuit and they perform flawlessly and robustly built…the problem is: if I ever have to replace the resistors, capacitors, meter movements and semiconductors, they will be most likely of Chinese origin and will probably fail before the vintage components do. Ironic to say the least.

  3. Re durable goods. So true. The ‘world’ is at war with itself. Planned obsolescence is the covert definition of the ‘technological revolution’ as we know it. Some of it is good, albeit, not necessarily necessary. One must live from ‘stand to stand’, mostly quietly, tying off to the stake but saying, “It’s a good day to live! [rather than ‘to die’]” It matters not one whit what the critics, hypocrites, charlatans, politicians, nor pundits have to say. All of nature speaks for itself when we listen.

  4. William.. my wife and I are relocating to Florida this Autumn and I’ll be bringing our core parts for exchange for our engine. I have been wanting Lara to meet you, Grace, Scooby, and Who Biscuit for some time now. She would have been with me at Arlington the last time I was there but it was not possible. She was on the other side of the planet at the time. I have several distributors and other possible usable cores. The distributor we chose is the unit you rework for our needs of course.

  5. ditto to Scott’s comment. Got my parts in record time. My 3L has about 10hrs air time on it to date. The increase it thrust compared to the 2.7 is very noticeable.


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